Today I learned

gross. original was so much better.

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Houthi is pronounced “hoothie” - rhymes with toothy :slight_smile:

Looks like it was redesigned by a flat-earther.

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That’s some hot xit.


While reading about the Prisoner’s Dilemma, I came across an example using the tobacco industry. In the 1960’s, if one company increased advertising then another would also increase in order to retain market share. Tobacco advertising ate heavily into all of their profits, so tobacco companies embraced and accelerated a ban on TV and radio cigarette advertising. This way they could all save money. The primary reason for advertising at the time was to convert smokers to their brands, not necessarily increasing the # of smokers.



Breaking, more commonly referred to as break dancing, will be an Olympic sport in Paris this summer.


Didn’t know about this on EVs

after eating a plum, carrying around purple stained napkin twisted around your finger can tend to freak out the women folk.

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One nice thing about the frunk: it doesn’t share air with the cabin. So if you’re taking a bunch of taco meat somewhere, your car won’t smell like cumin for several days after.

Could be a downside. Mmm taco meat! :smile:

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They will have surfing in the Olympics and France is hosting it in Tahiti which is still in France.


Yes, the checker at Trader Joe’s was giving me the rundown of the schedule and his analysis of the top contenders last night. (No, I did not ask; he just felt I needed this information.)

Sounds like an insignificant signal

Could be!

Nothing more to tell :woman_shrugging: