Today I learned

Albania had a civil war because ponzi schemes collapsed:

Albanian citizens thought the government profited from said schemes, and so they started protesting against the government in January 1997.

I seriously do not remember hearing about any of this, but maybe I was too busy with grad school.

TIL there’s a Today I Learned thread.


This site actually has good search features, unlike the old AO


Room sizes differ by language? The air purifier box says it is for a medium room, pero para una habitación grande.

I guess it’s not venti…

It’s a mourning dove not a morning dove.

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There are many varieties of mangos. Which makes total sense, there are many varieties of apples, and grapes, and so forth. I’d just never thought about it before.

The British like a condiment called Salad Cream. It is somewhat similar to mayo, but the proportions of oil and vinegar are flipped; mayo has a lot of oil and some vinegar, where salad cream has a lot of vinegar and some oil.

That sounds like an interesting mayo alternative, as I like the tanginess of vinegar. I wouldn’t use it on a typical tossed salad, but might on sandwiches or in something like coleslaw.

TIL the word “incommoding”.

TIL the word “derogation”.

via EU extends Finland’s COVID-19 derogations

without looking at the definition, and playing some Balderdash:
“Going to the loo.”

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Today I learned Jackie Mason did not pass away years ago, but days ago.

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During a discussion with the wife about flat white’s we wondered where they came from. Well apparently that is a controversy…

TIL: there is something called a “flat white.”
No, I do not drink coffee of any sort.


I too did not know of “flat whites” prior to Nick’s post. And I held out longer than most people before I became a cannot-function-without-my-daily-coffee kind of person. I didn’t even drink coffee at all until grad school which I started a month before my 26th birthday. Then didn’t drink it at all for 5 years after grad school until I attempted FSA exams.

But alas, I am now a daily coffee drinker and get such a bad headache if I skip a day that I don’t ever skip a day anymore. I blame the SOA.

Haricot vert is a green bean

Coriander is the seeds of cilantro.

That atheists have Chaplains. And Harvard’s new chief Chaplain is an atheist.

Today I found this Wikipedia page:

There are 5 places named Midlothian in America.