Today I learned

Their voice on the radio

Yeah, I guess. Anyway it was annoying to listen to. I’d rather have heard actual music. :woman_shrugging:

Oh, come on, who doesn’t love Crazy Ira and The Douche?


China Joe, you are a poet!

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At some point in time, non-music talkers on music stations in the morning became a thing that every music station needed or else their ratings would drop. That is when I stopped listening. You’d think that one station would think, " Some listeners want music; let’s give it to them." But no. Non-music talkers KEPT listeners listening for far longer, which means bigger ratings which means more money.

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Plus, they’re playing the same music over and over and over the rest of the day. It makes sense they’d need to give it a rest.

They also need to compete with spotify (although this story probs happened before spotify) so talking heads injecting bright N fresh humour into your day is just the fix

It is possible to fly commercial US airlines without ID. My wife forgot her wallet: No ID, no mail or Rx with her name. She went to the TSA office, filled out some forms, and answered some personal questions over a telephone call to a central office. Not simple, but possible.

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My sister once had all of her important stuff in a neck pouch while traveling internationally. She took it off and put it on top of her carry on under the seat in front of her. Somehow it disappeared, and she realized it while making a connection in the US. She had no ID, no passport, no money, no credit cards, no documents for international travel,…

She called me from the airport in the US. Obviously she couldn’t board a plane to another country. Airline sent her back home at no charge.

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I just posted on GoA about drupes a few days ago!

I missed that, but saw the trail mix post.

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Nuts vs drupes vs legumes is a topic I could put anyone to sleep discussing.


The cartilage in kids knees doesn’t turn to bone till age 2 - 6


Baby X-rays look weird. I was surprised to see the tube they put bigger babies in for a chest X-ray.

TIL there are two companies that are both referred to as “Prudential”.

Have you heard of the Lincolns?