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If we want to go retro, here’s a short clip of Wendy Carlos showing off her massive early Moog synthesizer, plus her 8-track. The size of the synthesizer is very reminiscent of early computers! This is from a year or 2 after she released her grammy winning, and platinum selling, version of Bach played purely on synthesizer. She also later would compose the score for A Clockwork Orange, the Shining, and Tron.

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I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an 8 track IRL.

I had one friend with a reel to reel system and few friends with 8 track players, but my first was a cassette player.

I know someone with a massive 8 track collection. He has them on 2 walls in a hallway: the wall of fame and the wall of shame.

Like me, he’s old enough to remember 8 tracks from childhood but not old enough to have this collection at the time. He accumulated it later.

I remember in college (at which point CDs were the norm but people still had cassette players for homemade mix tapes and such and 8-tracks were so obsolete that some students hadn’t even heard of them) I went to a party at a house that had a big old sound system connected to an 8-track player and around 2,000 8-tracks. It was an insane collection of 8-tracks.

I installed an 8-track player in my dad’s truck when I started driving it to school. I had a portable 8-track player with over the ear headphones that were both a radio and plugged so I could listen to said portable 8-track player without bothering others. I used to sit in a corner of the gym while waiting for my wresting match to come up and rock out to Boston.

TIL that swimming world records are only kept for meters. Katie Ledecky broke her own American record for 1,650 yards today, and both her old and new times are the fastest any woman has ever gone over that distance, but because it is in a 25 yard pool it doesn’t count as a world record.

It’s kind of weird that we are still holding serious competitions in a 25 yard pool… you’d think they’d standardize.

But you obviously can’t compare times in a 25 yard pool to times in a 50 meter pool (Olympic length). You get more than double the turns.

From what I gather the 25 yard pools are considered “short course” and have their own records. Maybe not at the world level because I’m guessing that’s a weird pool length outside the US.

Short course internationally is 25 m, aka SCM. There are separate world records for short course (SCM) and long course (LCM), the professional circuits that have started up the last couple years are short course meters. SCM records are considerably lower than LCM b/c of the extra turns, but are also somewhat weird in that American and Australian swimmers often only compete in LCM. E.g., Ledecky has never competed in the short course world championships, and never bothered setting the 400m world record at her peak. Short course yards is primarily a US collegiate thing.

Yes, and HS, and rec leagues, because many pools are 25Y, and expensive to change.

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Seems some of the swimmers I have seen extending their turns underwater would barely spend anytime at all swimming the actual strokes on the surface of a 25yd pool.

IIRC there are lines that they are required to surface/start stoke by or be DQ’ed. I can verify with a short course state champion tomorrow after school.

That seems likely as I think that’s true of long course as well.

8 tracks were great. Sort of. Better audio quality than cassette. I had a top-notch Pioneer player I got at a garage sale for like $10 way back when.

In college when I was a DJ for the college station, I had access to the reel-reel player. So I would make mixed tapes on them. Had a cool Akai player for it.

I used to have a ton of cool shit. Had a Nakamichi Dragon tape deck. It had auto-reverse, but it automatically flipped the cassette rather than just reverse the motors.

I was also an early adopter of the DAT player. CD quality sound from a tape. Had a Sony unit for playback

Indemnify comes from Latin - indemnis (unhurt, undamaged ) and -fy (to make).

Indemnis is formed by in (opposite of, not) and damnum (damage), where we also get damn.

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last night at trivia I learned that bees have 5 eyes.


and two e’s


TIL that Bob Odenkirk wrote the ‘living in a van down by the river’ sketch on SNL.