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Guess yer not dead.

So they did the T3 and T4 tests which were in the normal range. But he has so many of the symptoms. Seems like they could try him on a low dose and see if things improve.

He’s decided to wait a couple months until he has to return for a recheck of some bloodwork. At that time if he is still having symptoms.

I also found this at endocrine web:

“When the thyroid gland
becomes inefficient such as in early
hypothyroidism, the TSH becomes elevated even though the T4 and T3 may still be within the
“normal” range. This rise in TSH represents the
pituitary gland’s response to a drop in
circulating thyroid hormone; it is usually the
first indication of thyroid gland failure.”

There’s actually a difference between T3/T4 and “free” T3/T4 - the latter is not usually tested without asking for the full thyroid blood test. This is a point you will want to press with your doctor.

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All my thyroid blood tests that included anything other than TSH included free T3/T4.

Any of you actuary doctors know anything about pulmonary hypertension?

Only what google (i.e., tells me.


Yes, echo is ordered but not scheduled. Pulmonologist was hard to read but said things like “hardening around your heart” and I don’t know what that means. He didn’t say “hardening of the arteries”. But is that what he meant? This was based on something called DLCO or diffusion on my Pulmonary Function Test where everything else was normal.

Also my Apple Watch told me this week that my VO2 Max, whatever that is, is too low. I guess I finally exercised enough days in a row for it to talk to me about that.

So I am googling a but too much and I came across pulmonary hypertension which sounds kind of bad. But maybe I am just anemic. But if the dr thought I might be anemia why didn’t he order a CBC with my other blood work?


i was thinking she was Pharaoh

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Maybe but he didn’t use that word—he just described it. We talked about a lot of things and I just don’t remember everything.

for important medical issues, you should always bring another person to hear what you may miss.

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Yeah, I thought we were just talking about asthma. Anyway, i was finally able to bring up his notes in the patient portal and he is indeed screening for pulmonary vascular disease.

I was going to suggest looking at notes in your portal.

Anyway, that PFT test result could still relate to anemia. I tend to be on the low side if the scale but not quite anemic. But I have been anemic and it hasn’t been checked in 6 months. Just started taking my multivitamin with iron again.

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It’s not Lupus. It’s never Lupus!

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i believe once it was lupus

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I had to google that. :grin:

My tired disease is back. Its awful and im too busy to just sleep plus my neighbors are making horrid noise so i cant just sleep anyway. Wtf is this??? :sob:

Are you tired bc of no sleep or tired regardless of sleep?