Thread where actuaries diagnosis medical issues

You guys gave me blood pressure needy meds. I won’t forgive you for that.

My stats have been 150s /100s!

Im about to FLICKEN have a stroke!

So now add a new drug to my repitoir (sp)

Only good thing about having this “non Covid” crud: I forgot about my knee and it seems to be better. I might even continue walking down a few stairs sometime because there are a couple lighthouses I want to visit. But I will stick with one flight up and one down for a little while.

I’m pretty sure it was my family that gave me my high blood pressure. I swear I’m gonna retire and then have a stroke the next day.

I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure. I asked the doc to give me 3 months to exercise more reg, eat better and reduce alcohol. I am doing well on 2/3 of these. This week I had to get on Rx. I pick it up today. Ugh. Maintenance drug #3.

Maintenance drugs suck. I had a mini midlife crisis when I had to go on a drug for life, even though it wasn’t really age related.
Thankfully no cholesterol or hpb for me so far. Numbers still coming up fine for my age.

You get used to maintenance drugs. :man_shrugging:

ain’t bad from what i’ve heard

speak for yourself. :frowning:
(runs upstairs to take forgotten maintenance drug…)

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I mean, I’d rather take a maintenance drug than have a stroke. My bp went way up after Covid so now I’m on two.

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I take OTC allergy meds every day.

and then I had a rescue inhaler that got replaced by something more commonly given to people with COPD. (Still have the rescue, as it acts differently.) I have it pretty easy so far. But the COPD med I am 2 months into as i had some weird-ass respiratory stuff that got lumped in as triggering asthma (which I had very rare instances of before).

Yeah, i am better off for taking mine, too. It still sucks.

I’m on maintenance drugs for allergies (since forever), high bp, thyroid, and now asthma. Guess I’ll deal with it. I’ve been taking the allergy meds forever so I guess I’m in the habit.

OK, I am apparently officially old now. Went to urgent care yesterday for sharp pains on my left side (bottom of rib cage) when breathing in.
$300 later, nothing.
Took blood tests for pancreas issues, but I don’t think it’s that.
Took x-rays, saw nothing but a “gas bubble” in my stomach, in the exact place that it hurts.
Want to get me an ultrasound at a different place.
I think they’re just cooking up things it might be.
My theory:
On Thursday I was late for an event, so I wolfed down some rice. A lot more rice than I thought. Friday (thru right now) it started hurting to breathe deeply. Last night I had to sleep sitting up as lying down made it hurt even with shallow breathing.

Internet says:

Let’s try to guess what it is!
No other symptoms besides a lot of burping.

Ulcer and or reflux.

Wouldn’t an ulcer hurt all the time, or when one eats? This only hurts when I breathe heavily or try to sleep lying down.

I have a call into my doc for my blood pressure - Its been elevated for quite some time- 150s/100s. And I am on Rx for it.

Yeah that’s not good, especially the bottom number! Take care of yourself!

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When I had similar symptoms (a decade ago, so my memory shouldn’t be relied upon, much less my medical expertise lol), it was pleuritis, and treatment was a z-pack and a couple weeks of NSAIDs.

Ok. At the doctor now, waiting.

I think you’re the winner.