Thread where actuaries diagnosis medical issues

There is a lot of shear stress in the knee when walking down stairs or down hill.

Yes, but were they actuaries?

Seriously, if you have a marked decrease of pain-free function that doesn’t get better, getting checked out is a good idea.

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One is a pediatric cardiac PA. The other is an artist. Probably not as qualified as actuaries. :grinning:

well yes, it’s harder to see on the stand i got from them than from where the music sits on my old piano because it’s closer to my face. it wasn’t ideal at the old distance, but worse with this stand. thus i’m seeking out a solution that doesn’t involve trashing the piano entirely.

My husband had a torn meniscus. I don’t think it was painful, but he couldn’t open his knee all the way. Surgery removed the piece that has torn off my and gotten lodged in the joint, and it hasn’t bothered him since.

That’s not something that’s likely to get better on it’s own.

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#1 ergonomic stand” indeed!

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it’s not their fault that my eyes are shit.

But you said it’s WORSE with this stand. Obviously not #1 with you.

Sad note. never got back to me either. Bigger fish to fry, I guess.

or they realized your beef with the piano stand people was stupid and you were being a jerk, so they ignored you?

you need to now report to someone.

oh, no it’s not “worse” with this stand. it fixes one issue but makes another issue, that with my eyes worse.

trying on the one contact. I certainly can regain focus a lot faster in going back and forth between the keys and the music. still don’t love the stand being so low down, but that issue is somewhat better with my eyes. also am a non-fan of the feeling of a contact lense in my eye in the first place. wish glasses were an option for this.

the one contact with no glasses seems decent for working too, not perfect, but decent in that regard, so i just don’t wear glasses now for working and piano playing. for any sort of further distance, it’s not good. still need to get the 2nd pair of glasses to wear over the contacts if i want better vision in that regard.

Couldn’t you get a pair of glasses with the Rx in one eye and no Rx in the other eye? The eye that doesn’t require correction could just have a non-correcting lens like in the sample frames they send to eye doctor offices.

The ophthalmologist said that won’t work, reason being the eyes won’t be “balanced”. He said I’d have double vision or some such. I think this is the reason why perfection with glasses only is impossible for me at any distance at all. With my current regular glasses, I see well far away with my right eye, not so great with the left and the reverse for close up. My eyes are too different from each other to be “balanced” in glasses if you correct each eye as its own entity. They have to be corrected together. With contacts you can treat them as separate entities though, thus the one contact. I could get a 2nd contact for my right eye, but my right eye is pretty good for piano playing without it.

My less than perfect glasses for distance are -1.75 right eye and -4.25 left eye, so very different from each other.

With my prior piano, my vision was just good enough for the eyes to work together, but with this new one where I had to put the stand lower down which made it closer to my eyes I felt somewhat blinded prior to this solution. It was too close to my face for my right eye with glasses and too far away from my face for my left eye without glasses, thus I fixed the left eye with a contact and am not wearing glasses to play.

Funky AAAAAAAND multiple lenses!!! :+1:


I don’t understand your ophthalmologist’s explanation, but I assume he knows what he’s talking about.

if you add up the correction with the contact lense in my left eye plus the glasses i can put over it if i want distance correction without taking out the contact lens it does not equal the distance correction for my regular glasses. i’m guessing it’s due to this balancing thing and the contact lens changes the balancing thing. with those glasses the correction in my left eye is .25 more than my regular glasses and in my right eye it’s .25 less.

yeah, i don’t entirely get it either.

guys, my heart is in super duper awesome shape. i passed the heart ultrasound/stress test like a champ. still waiting on the heart rate monitor results, but i doubt that will show anything.

so it’s not my heart that caused the fatigue (which is now not bothering me).

can it be this mystery thing called perimenopause? this group i’m in on fb for people in that keep saying they are fatigued. or stress. i really don’t know. it’s so weird, but i’m the apparent picture of good health, other than my cholesterol that’s way too high and on and off reflux that feels like death cancer. so no idea why i have on and off crushing fatigue.

i’ve been in my apartment for about a month now and it hasn’t come back. escaping tomorrow though for a month.

Treat yourself to a nice brunch!!! :+1: :yum:

problem with that is, i want fun brunch drinks and my reflux is under control again, but it is really testy lately and hates alcohol.

i might risk it again. :grimacing:

Glad your heart is healthy.