Thread tracking grading times

Submission date.
MMR/DMMR date (if graded).

I submitted QFI-FMM on 10/2/2020. Hoping for Dec 2020 results…

Edit: Submitted 10/2 and MMR 10/16. Shocked how quick that was.


I submitted QFI-SMM on 11/20/2020.

Edit: MMR 12/15/2020.

Submitted Advanced Topics in CFE 11/15/2020
Edit: DNMMR 12/3/2020

I think I screwed up something in the last task based on the solution. Going to resubmit this weekend. It’s the exact same assignment.

Submitted PRF Module on 11/13/2020

Submitted Advanced Topics in CFE 12/3/2020

Edit: MMR 12/16/2020

Submitted ERM 12/11/2020.

Edit: MMR 12/18/2020.

Submitted GH Pricing, Reserving & Forecasting on 10/30. Still waiting…

Submitted FE 12/14

Hopefully it doesn’t take forever :slight_smile:

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ugh found out I failed on 12/16. Was SO close to being done with modules forever :frowning:

Oof. I know the feeling

Anyone MMR’d lately? 3rd week for my FE still pending I hope I get the pass next week fingers crossed

I had MMRs on Dec 15 and 18 - I assumed it was a grading rush before Christmas and wouldn’t be surprised if nothing happened the past two weeks.

Anyone have Health Foundations graded recently? I’m on 7 weeks and still nothing.

Email – they mention in their auto reply that if your assignment hasn’t been graded in 6 weeks you should email them.

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Submitted DMAC 1/4/21 (the submission deadline for being considered for the March FAC if it turns out I passed GHSPC in the fall).

Health Economics
Submission: 1 Dec 2020
MMR: 6 Jan 2029

Submission: 6 Dec 2020
MMR: 11 Dec 2020

I submitted on 29 Nov 2020 and havent gotten my results yet while my ERM & Health Economics submitted later already MMR. Have you gotten your results? I have email elearn multiple times but no reply at all.

I submitted 11/16 and got the MMR 1/6