Thread tracking grading times

5 weeks pending for my FE submitted 12/14

Hopefully this week’s the week.

MMRd today finally

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Submitted Health Foundation 29 Nov 2020 and MMR 22 Jan 2021

Submitted Health Foundations 12/4, MMR 1/7

Submitted GH Pricing, Reserving & Forecasting 1/27

Passed PRF on the second submission! Submitted 12/23, MMR 2/2

PRF submitted 12/22, MMR 2/2

Was it the same one or different?

Submitted 1/4
MMR 2/9

same exercise

Submitted 1/14
MMR 3/12


submitted 1/29
MMR 3/19

Health Foundations
2/15; 3/26

Submitted GH Econ 2/1 and still waiting. Just emailed eLearning.

Edit: I’m stupid. I was only ever checking the submission page but never scrolled down. On mobile you need to scroll down to see your grade

GH Econ
Submitted 2/1
MMR 3/30