Thread to talk about drinking

This is a thread to post about drinking. Post here when you are drinking. About to go drinking. Or brag or lament last night’s escapades.

(Thread is primarily for alcoholic drinks. I don’t care about your Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino)

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Started day drinking a couple hours ago.

Feeling good, Louis!

How is this different from the Drink Order thread?

  1. That thread is in the special place
  2. People post about non-alcoholic drinks in there, too.

(edited OP to be more specific)


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Feeling cute. Might drink later.


drinking some coffee in my fauci mug.


2019 Malbec. :+1:

I’m considering but I don’t know what I want.

drinking some top-notch club soda right now, you guys.

Two beers at a concert, about to keep going at home.

Planned on drinking, but ended up not feeling like it.

Not sure if this is yesterday or today, but I’m enjoying some southern comfort.


Sitting on the deck in the sun!!! :sunglasses:


On Thursday night had a nice Grenache. Never had that before.

Saturday, had a Jumilla. Wasn’t a big fan, but it was the first I’ve ever had, so I’ll give it another couple tries. Though after the Jumilla, we had a nice bottle of Malbec.

Malbec is now one of our go-to varietals. Pinot Noir is the favorite. Cabernet franc is probably next, but it’s not very popular, so choices are limited.

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Sorry to hear you didn’t like the Jumilla. I found an excellent-value Jumilla from Bodegas Juan Gil, a couple of years ago. Their entry level Honoro Vera was around $8. It’s a powerful wine and it’s 100% Monastrell. They also had a blend with Grenache but that wasn’t as good.

Hitting a couple of wineries on Sunday. Picking up two allocations.
BG, they’re mostly Pinots from Arroyo Grande. I think you’d like them.

Also, you can edit the thread title.

Didn’t know Ariana Grande made wine

What should I change it to?