Thread to post in when you’re lonely


Really, really lonely these days.


We hafta go for :cut_of_meat: and :sushi: the next time we’re all together!!!



Can I come?

Watch what you wish for: Ya hafta give back to our beloved profession first!!!

:frowning: i need to volunteer to grade just to hang out with breadmaker? that’s sad.

also, i’m a career ASA, so i think the grading opportunities are limited for us.


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I’m down for brekkie tooooooooo!!! :yum:

What are your feelings on smoked salmon and crab cakes???

FINE, i’ll hang out with NerdAlert without Breadmaker then!

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:yum: :yum: :yum:

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Didn’t you like JUST get your ASA, like a year or two ago?

This hit me last year when I had a bunch of medical stuff going on…some of which were “You must have someone drive you home after this procedure. Uber/Lyft is not acceptable.”…and the only option for me is my wife…which is great - she’s awesome…but I have no friends here and I suck at life.


I’m willing to bet a lot of us are in a similar boat.

I like to pretend I have no friends because I just moved to the U.S…

…3 years ago.


Got ASA in 2018, EA in 2020. You might be thinking of EA. After getting ASA I had plans to attempt to get my EA, but no plans for FSA.

I DIDN’T GET NO ******IN’ BRUNCH!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:


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Moved to the middle of nowhere with my partner, started meeting some people, then pandemic hit. And we weren’t “who cares” people, we barely left the house for several months and still only do maybe 1x/week.

During the same period, my previous best friend pretty much ghosted me.

Slowly I’m realizing I don’t have many friends left, and most that I do are 2+ hours away. At least we’re starting to meet people again, slowly. Somedays it makes me wonder if I’m just not a fun person.


Yeah, for the past two years, my wife was basically my only companion, but now we’re getting divorced, so even that source of companionship is going away.

On the positive side, I was having a horrible day yesterday, and a former coworker drove down just to take me for a drive and get out of the house. So, that’s one friend.


Sorry to hear about the divorce.

A person who would make the effort to think of you in the way your former coworker did is someone you want in your life.