Thread to express how you felt you did on Exam 8

Feel free to vent here on your exam. But no discussion on answers should be done until after 6am EST 1 JAN 2021. And no hint of information on what the questions are should be made.

Ah I don’t feel good about this one. I’m less confident about this than exam 7.

[Insert expletive here] x3

Since apparently Jooni and I were the only ones taking this exam, I hope CAS gives both of us a pass. 100% pass rate! :crazy_face:

Well, there’s at least 3 of us that took it. Thought it was very difficult compared to prior tests. Instant reaction is fail, but who knows.

I think I did ok, but who knows.

I just got back from my sitting.

I would say this was 1.1x harder than last year’s 8, which was 1.1 harder than 2018, which was 1.2 harder than 2017.

I felt there were very few ‘gimme’ points on this exam (<20% of problems); I had to sit and think about most of the questions for a moment or two before I got going on virtually every problem.

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Completely agree.

Surprised that so few people have commented on this thread. Also surprised to hear people thought it was worse than 2018. I thought it was challenging and kind of hit or miss. Banking on partial credit for this one more than I ever have before.

I’m too scared to check


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Did anyone sit for the spring 2021 sitting that cares to comment on their (very general and non-specific) thoughts on the exam? This was my 3rd time sitting (after 2 5’s). Feel like this exam went the best out of all my attempts, though I think it’s still going to be close.

I feel like very few people actually wrote this sitting. I wrote it today. Was good as well. But I too feel it will be close. Did u leave any points behind?

Not this time, unlike last sitting. How about you? Interesting that no ones said a word about the exam. Just curious what people thought in terms of difficulty. Good luck!

I dropped 3 points in total.
It will be interesting to know how many actually wrote this exam. Pretty much everyone I know wrote either 7 or 9. Their reasoning was that exam 8 is going to be offered again in October (like it always has) so they didn’t want to skip a sitting should they pass 8 this time around. My rationale was such that I had such a little time studying between last sitting and this that I wanted to give myself another shot in October should I fail this sitting. Hopefully I did enough to pass though.

i took it as well. felt good coming out. now i am worried that if the candidate pool is small then the variance around the performance of the candidates will be more unpredictable. hopefully 70% will still be enough to pass

I took it and felt horrible walking out. I certainly don’t feel any better seeing the previous comments.

Yeah, I’ve working off that 70% pass mark assumption too. Hopefully that holds. Going to come down (as always) on partial credit for me, but at least this time I know I can get possibly some credit for all questions as opposed to last sitting where I left ~5 ish points blank.

Does anyone know if there are any major syllabus changes planned for fall?

I don’t think there is anything as such planned for change but I could be wrong. Hopefully there isn’t. But more hopeful that I pass. It’s been a struggle to study in this pandemic with family and also boredom is at his highest right now. Lol