Thread to express how you felt you did on Exam 6

Feel free to vent here on your exam. But no discussion on answers should be done until after 6am EST 1 JAN 2021. And no hint of information on what the questions are should be made.

Would love to hear someone’s thoughts on this sitting… difficulty on a scale from 1-10?
If no one replies, I’m sitting on Dec 7 and I’ll give my thoughts then.

When will you take it if someone does reply? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Studying for this exam has turned my brain to mush. I’m thankful that grammar is not graded overly pedantically on the exams since I wasn’t great at it in the first place. That’s just my impression of how exams are graded though. If it’s actually super important just let me be naive for one more week :slight_smile:

On the one hand I don’t think grammar is super important, on the other hand the exam is graded by actuaries…

I think I did a lot better than I expected, and the exam felt easier than I thought it was going to be. I feel way better coming out of the exam room than I did going in. I actually didn’t review many prior exams from start to finish, but I did do a lot of historical practice questions at the end of TIA chapters.

Finished with a lot of time thanks to the Excel format, which allowed me to check that everything at least had an attempt at an answer and review the calculations in my answers at least once.

During my review I caught one formula error where I must have clicked the wrong cell that I think I wouldn’t have made on a pen/paper exam. Overall the testing was a good experience and I think I made no lower than a 5. Fingers crossed for credential! GL to everyone sitting tomorrow and Wednesday.

Similar experience for me. I had noticeably more time left, presumably due to the excel format. I feel pretty solid on this one but I’ve said that before…

Think I got all the big calculation problems completely. I remember there was something that I wasn’t sure I remembered but now I can’t remember what that was.

I know more than 4 people took this exam…where dey at? All the exam 7 ppl hogging the forum…


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I see there’s been a lot of people posting here lol.
Jokes aside though I think I did well on the exam upon initial review, where I tried to remember as many questions as possible and locate them in the study material I used. Some mistakes but overall I felt strong about it. As time has gone on and we’re still waiting on results, my concerns that I somehow didn’t receive enough partial credit to pass has increased exponentially. Hopefully everyone here passed fingers crossed

Same here. I’m expecting a 5 or a 6 when results come out, anything lower than a 5 would be pretty disappointing.

For sure, I felt confident going in cause the last 4 practice exams I somehow scored in the 80s percentage wise even with harsh grading, but it took a solid few questions before I felt myself catch my bearings on the actual exam.

I actually felt extremely solid for the first half of the exam. I felt like I answered most of the early questions with complete answers that should give full credit based on looking at the material after the exam.

Then I fell apart on the second half. There was one section of the syllabus that had a lot of list-type questions that I didn’t study hard enough for. I definitely got some partial credit on a large majority of those questions because I could list a few elements of the lists, but not all. If I was graded only on the second half of the exam it would be definitely far below the pass rate.

Without looking into the math of it too much, I feel surprisingly good about my chances of a pass compared to how I felt before sitting for the exam :slight_smile: .

That’s really good! When I reviewed my answers at the end I felt way more confident with the first few concept questions, I think I was still just waking up haha. I know for sure I did really well with the math sections since that’s what I really hammered down the last few weeks leading up. Hoping both of us are moving onto 7 next!

Or did you have other things to finish before ACAS?

Exam 6 is my last requirement. It would be nice to have an Orlando vacation if enough people can get vaccinations by then.

Actually I may take Exam 9 next, or maybe skip a sitting and focus on getting the CSPA credential. Getting that credential is a larger raise than passing an exam at my company, and I’m worried I won’t have enough time to make a good attempt since I haven’t started studying for 7 or 9 yet.

I’m hopeful too, I would like to make it into a vacation since it’s on the disney resort.

Good luck to you either way! I’m sure if you really focus a lot of free time outside of work to study you could probably end up prepared come test day, but I definitely know how difficult that can be. Been trying to wake up earlier in the mornings again to study, but not knowing the results has made that way more of a challenge to maintain focus.

This was my second attempt and I really struggled studying this go around. Any of the usual distractions from studying were just magnified with COVID. If there was any time saved from being in excel, this was definitely consumed by me not operating at full capacity. I didn’t have time to review and wasn’t able to finish one question. I’m hoping at this point I didn’t make too many dumb mistakes on the rest.

Also without talking specifics - I spent way too much time on one calculation question trying to lay out my thought process. It was the only question I thought was more difficult being in Excel than pen and paper. Maybe just me though!

Thoughts on taking 8 since it’s offered twice this year?

Thankfully in my case I spent a lot of time with the old practice exams by converting them to excel so that way I could practice how to frame responses. COVID definitely made focusing more difficult, which is why on this second attempt I didn’t really find my motivation to keep going until about October. But as long as you felt okay about all the concepts on the exam I’m sure you did pretty well!

I just hope they give us results on Monday at this point.