Thread to document "karens" who get fired from their jobs

It’s all the rage right now to film jackasses, post it on the internets until someone identifies them, figure out where they work and get them fired. I think we need an official thread to document it. Originally posted a few in the thread about Amy Cooper, but I think there needs to be a more generic thread since there are so many of these.

Starting it off, this bitch, identified by internet sleuths as Janene Hoskovec refused to wear a mask in a supermarket, and proceeded to fake cough on people. She was filmed, it was posted on the internets, people contacted her employer, and she was fired.

On the one hand, what the heck does her job have to do with her being a dipshit as a shopper in a supermarket? but otoh, her coworkers likely loathed her anyway, so good riddance.

Woman who coughed on shoppers in viral video loses job (

This woman bothers me more than Amy Cooper. Wear a goddamn mask if you’re supposed to. Amy DID wear a mask even in central park outside.

Actually, in reading the posts, it seems that this maskless woman actually targeted a woman and her kid to cough on them. She wasn’t even told to wear a mask initially. She just started coughing on them looking for trouble while they were minding their own business.

Older lady working at target today was named Karen. She was slower than average on checkout, but should not be fired.


I feel sorry for good women named Karen.

most of the women named Karen or Karyn i’ve known kinda sucked.

My cousin is named Karen, and she’s a good person who tries to make the world a better place. She’s also fun to hang out with. I always feel bad for her when i read about “karens”.

But it’s become a thing, and i guess she can live with it or change her name.

I went to camp with a girl named “Gay”. It was a fairly normal girl’s name at the time. I hear she changed it.

she can change her name to Katey. you’re welcome.

My mom’s best friend when I was growing up was named “Gay”. I’m not sure if that was here actual given name or a nickname. I think she ended up at the very least changing what she wanted people to call her, but I don’t remember to what.

We kids thought it was hillarious when my mom left a little note for her once that simply said, “Gay, Susan*. Love ya’”

*not my mom’s real name

she deleted her linked in, but it still shows up on google and you can get a summary. looks like she was a lawyer, and no dummy. weird.

Janene Hoskovec

Client Partner at SAP

Scottsdale, AZ

Helping navigate the IT, finance and legal complexities of digital transformation. Let’s talk about your people and how to bring them along on your transformation journey. Having 20 years’ experience in technolog…See more on LinkedIn

View on LinkedIn

Experience and education



Client Partner

Jun 2020 - Present


Arizona Summit Law School

Juris Doctor (J.D.)

2013 - 2016

I have two close relatives named Karen who are two of the more awesome women I know. I hate the term. But I’m not gonna single-handedly get it to stop being a thing.

Here’s a summary from the person she was coughing at.

Here is the whole rundown from my daughters mom. They didn’t seem to do anything about the situation other than try to “break it up”

— RoBeastRo (@RoBeastRo) September 7, 2021

they should file charges against this woman. what a horrible person.

i’ve heard of incidents where anti-maskers would give nasty looks to people wearing masks more so than flat out assault.

can we at least all agree that Janene Hoskovec is worse than Amy Cooper? this incident sounds entirely one sided with Janene Hoskovec in the wrong.

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What gets me is how pleased she looks with herself as she’s doing this. Like she’s a bully on a playground and she is taking pleasure in being mean to someone else and putting them down.


There is a local philanthropist here named Gay Love that has put her name on a couple of things

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there are a lot of people like her on facebook. not sure if they are as confrontational off the internet, but i bet some of them are.

One of my best friends has 3 women named Karen who live in the 4 houses around her. She says all three live up to the name. I also remember a Karen from my HS class who lived up to the name, and by accounts still does 30 years later. Might explain how her life has gone.

This woman who got fired from SAP? Good. Shitty behavior has consequences. Like it or not, when you’re oot and aboot you represent your company even if you’re not acting in their capacity and most people might not know who you work for. (It’s 2021, people will find out if they want.) As noted above, if she’s shitty in public she was probably shitty in the workplace too.

Apparently the woman who was sitting behind him and laughing at him was a nurse who has since been fired. I can’t find anything official, but lots of local people “can confirm” the news.

I know a few Karen’s. It was a pretty popular name for a few decades, and many are indeed of the age where they might be expected to behave like the stereotype. Most I’ve known wouldn’t go “full Karen” on anybody but maybe one former co-worker might.

Here’s a short clip of it I found. Looks like you can watch the entire school board meeting if you want, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

I found this. Her name is Erica Casher.

But yeah, even that article says it hasn’t been confirmed by Cigna.

Next thing you know, she’ll start marketing herself as an Analrapist.

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