Thread to bump when you give blood

Maybe just me and @JFG hanging out here, but maybe it will also remind people to go out and do the damn thing.


me not allowed to give blood

I can barely stand it when I get blood tested. Gives me the creeps!!!

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I have given blood often, but am also frequently on the prohibited list due to travel. I’m off the restricted list again now so I should do it again soon.


@Lucy’s husband also has a well earned spot.


Because you are gay? Outdated rule, although I heard the FDA may reevaluate that to allow gay or bi men without new partners in the last three months to donate.

Or because PrEP? That one makes a little more sense, it can mask the presence of HIV in blood testing and transmit HIV to a patient.

You could get lots of insignificant signals, just saying.

The lady already complimented me on my nice veins, thank you very much.

I was on the restricted list for a long while (3-5 years?) due to fear of mad cow for spending too much time in Europe in the early 2000’s. They later cut the restricted time/regions way down which made me eligible again.

Travel to malaria endemic regions has knocked me out often. That’s 1 year on the restricted list post travel.

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I was told to go away and not come back due to so much scarring on my veins from prior donations.

I use my non-dominant arm every time. Once I thought I’d switch it up and they decided they didn’t like the dominant one.

You have to be at least 110 pounds to donate blood. I dont always qualify.

Do you need to go on a weight gain journey??? :wink:


need to get there

wearing this today

You can donate, but mostly you have to be celibate for a few months (and also not on prep), which is an impossibility for gay men.

For the most part, gay men who donate just lie. Some doctors even recommend lying because the rule is BS.

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I don’t understand why you would lie to give blood. When I’ve been on the restricted list it would have been easy to lie about it, but I can’t imagine why I would want do that.

because some people need to donate blood.

say, if you are on some performance enhancing drug, which elevates your blood count. And this is pertinent to a significant portion of gay men.

there’s a medical procedure for this, but it’ll cost ya. Donating blood is free and you’re “helping” someone.

Most bodybuilders donate blood monthly, if you must know.



Having my post-donation snack. They have a sheet showing inventory levels, and this is the highest I’ve ever seen them. Only 2 blood types below operational level (one is mine).

Did they compliment you on your nice veins??? :popcorn: