Thread to bump when you give blood

No. I had a newbie who struggled.


I have the best veins


Double red


Me too! Got done about a half hour ago!


Today for me!

My bloodletter today told me there is a bag shortage, so they have to use a different kind of bag. I was verrrrrry nervous when she was asking basic questions about how the bags work, thought I might have a first-timer.

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she was asking you questions about the bag?

and I just realized that you didn’t receive a letter asking for blood and telling you about the bags

Hah, fortunately no, she was asking the supervisor.

It looks like they are at least looking to change the guidelines for gay men who are not living a free and easy life style

Is there still a prohibition for former IV drug users, even if it’s been 40 years or so since last use? Asking for a friend…

I think it’s within the last year now, at least in the US. It might even be less than a year, but it’s not a question I’ve given much thought.


Donated blood before lunch today. Red Cross was set up downstairs from my office so it was convenient. In and out in about 30 minutes. I still have some fast-pumping veins!



Just got back from a double red donation! :drop_of_blood: :drop_of_blood: