Thread for your new job, promotion, position

This thread is for you to post when you get a new job situation. Be it lateral, vertical, new industry, whatever.

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Next Monday i start a new job. Mostly lateral, but it’s full-time WFH which saves me an hour-each-way commute. That’s both more time to spend with my family and a $200 gas/tolls savings per month.

And a small bump in pay. Bigger company, so more career movement possibility than where I am now.


Congrats on the move!! :+1:

Congrats! The lifestyle change with this will be unbelievable. You can have a leisurely breakfast, work out, and still be at work on time. And it’s real nice to end the day and be already at home.


Commuting is for suckers.

Congrats, BG. The lack of commute is such a big win, and I hope the new company affords you better opportunities going forward. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to ‘afternoon delights’.


$400/month could get you airfare to some reeeeeeeeal nice destinations!!! :beach_umbrella:


That was supposed to only be 2 bills. Edited OP.

That said, and $extra helps keep me from being further into debt.

Hubs took a new job as a “Healthineer” that starts V-day. I will be routinely making fun of him for that name.

He also makes exactly as much as I do now salary-wise (NOT A DOLLAR MORE).

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You mean, ANOTHER new job?

Another type of job at any rate.

New position as well? Perhaps while sitting at your desk?

Uber?? Lyft??? Skip the Dishes???

One thing I will miss on my commute is my podcast listening time.

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I noticed this change, although the incentive of listening to podcasts again helped me to get into running a bit… but then I was sick for a little over a week and it got cold so I’ve kinda fallen off the horse with that… but come Spring-time!

I work full time from home. I really don’t miss the commute in the morning, but some times I’ve actually missed the decompression time at the end of the day. I’ve gotten better with time, and if I need a few minutes I’ll throw the ball for the dog or slowly go check the mail. Or end work a few minutes early but stay in my office and look and junk on my phone. Just so I don’t end up “coming home” grumpy.

And I agree that I don’t get through podcasts or audio books nearly as fast anymore.

One thing I started doing to help with that is at the end of the day I’ll do ~30m+ of HR training on the couch (sadly I have a bunch stocked up). Creates a nice transition

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I tend to take breaks throughout the day. So no decompression time necessary. I’ll get up and have a coffee and a snack with my spouse, or take 15 to do something around the house.

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This helps me as well. If it’s nice out I will go walk the neighborhood for 20 minutes around 10AM or 3PM.


I need to get better at doing that.