Thread for things you regret

That last cup of coffee.

why? are you tripping balls? having a heart attack? anxiety attack? shitting yourself?

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That time in middle school I wore a thong under my uniform skirt and then tripped and fell in the hallway and flashed the entire school. That memory haunts me to this day.

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My entire first marriage. Every minute of it. Every minute in the engagement leading up to it. So really, mostly every aspect of myself during that time period.

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Buying ferrets. Don’t do it.


Getting leather furniture and then getting a cat.

Some days I regret —oh nevermind!

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Or guinea pigs, no matter how much your kid wants them. Also your child will not lift a finger to help you take care of them no matter what they promise.

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Our cats only claw the faux leather couch. The 2 leather couches they leave alone for some reason.


There are a few propositions I regret having turned down.

I think of it this way: are there things I look back at and say you know what, that might not have been the smartest thing you could have done? Sure, of course.

Do I regret it? Every decision in my life, good or bad, has led me to where I am. If I went back and changed things, there’s no guarantee I’m where I am today. There’s no guarantee I’m even here at all. [All the haters out there who wish that were the case: keep sucking it.] I wouldn’t trade where I am for that uncertainty.


I regret every decision in my life, including but not limited to making this post.

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Wearing those leather pants in a rain shower . . .


I regret not relishing my first molly experience more.

Almost every time I play Wordle.


Can you make that bigger?

He’d regret it if TWSS.