Things to do St. Louis

Going to the CLRS in St. Louis next week, flying in Sunday morning and will have a day to explore the city before attending a workshop Monday. I was thinking of seeing a Cardinals game, but with a forecasted high around 90 I think I’ll pass. Looking for ideas on things to do and where to eat. Hoping to see some live music, especially if it’s St. Louis blues. Is it worth my time to go to the arch, or is that a tourist trap?

Rams game imo

Well of course, and maybe the St. Louis Bombers will be playing a basketball game in the evening. And I wonder if the St. Louis Browns are around as well.

I always liked the arch, haven’t been in years.

Controversial take: Imo’s Pizza, get some toasted ravioli.

Ted Drewes custard.

You could tour the Budweiser brewery. Or I thought the Schlafly taproom was pretty cool.

Wife recommended Ted Drewes. Why is Imo’s Pizza controversial? Brewery tour might be good on a hot day.

A lot of people either don’t recognize ‘STL pizza’ as a thing, or they think it’s garbage.

I will concede it’s not a fancy pizza, but I love it.

I’ll pass on the pizza then, growing up in the NYC area I’m a snob in that sense. Sugarfire Smoke House looks interesting. I don’t eat non-kosher meat but they say their smoked salmon is “famous.”

Sugar fire is really good. They have like ten different sauces.

If you like wine, St Charles is a neat place.

I personally like St. Louis style pizza as well, but for a good Italian meal find a place in The Hill.

St. Louis Zoo, History, and Art museums are all in Forest Park and are free. Go down to Delmar Loop to see the Chuck Berry statute and grab a burger (and toasted ravioli) at Blueberry Hill.


Thanks, but given the short amount of time I think I’ll stay in St. Louis.

Yes, I have seen this on food network a few times. This is a St. Looie thing.

I think the arch is worthwhile.

THere are river cruises that go up and down the Mississippi. Some are just sightseeing, some are dinner cruises, some are booze cruises, if any of those appeal to you.

The last time I was there, I went to a zoo that was free admission and free beer. (I am not making this up) Grant’s Farm. I don’t know if the free stuff still applies.

If you like spelunking, there is a cool cavern tour, but it may be an hour’s drive outside the city called Meremec caverns.

Looks like I can get a 1-day transit pass that will allow me to move around the city without needing a car.

I went to STL about 20 years ago. I went up the arch, though I had my carry-on bag with me. It’s worth it once.

The arch is cool. I wouldn’t call it a tourist trap at all. It’s a very unique “building” and the ride to the top is unusual. The base of it has a fairly informative display/museum of the westward expansion.

Regarding the Zoo, it’s free to get in, but I believe that many of the “special” exhibits (like the penguin house) do have a cost. Not an outrageous one (for actuarial salaries).

As for the Arch, IIRC, there is a “museum” that is underground (below the Arch) that is interesting; but the elevator and the top of the Arch doesn’t have AC. So it might be a very hot 30 min or so to go up.

I would suggest the City Museum as another consideration.

Thanks, looks like I should have a fun day planned as long as my flight gets in on time.

  1. See the arch, at least the underground museum and take the elevator if I feel up to it
  2. Busch brewery tour and/or zoo
  3. Music at BBs
  4. Dinner with a couple friends at Sugarfire Smokehouse, Drewes for dessert
  5. Union station

Could also do some fun stuff Monday or Tuesday night, depending on what the recruiters and consultants have planned for evening activities.

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If you like poker, I believe some of the casinos might still have poker rooms. (It was about 15 years ago when I played poker there.)


If you’re interested in prehistory, there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site across the river, the Cahokia Mounds