Things that you enjoy more than you should

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Some online grocery pickup services, like WalMart for instance, will offer substitutes for the same price as an ordered item if the ordered item is out of stock. On many items I order I am fine with store brand, and will order store brand as it is normally cheaper. If they are out of store brand and I get a name brand replacement, I enjoy that way more than the utility trade-off for store brand. Joys of arbitrage I suppose. :grinning:

McDonalds coffee. It’s a special treat for me.

Up here in Canada, McDonalds took over the coffee contract that Tim Horton’s used to have and that made Tim Horton’s a Canadian staple. Now McDonald’s coffee is outstanding and Tim Horton’s is shiite.

IIRC American McDonald’s coffee isn’t the same at all.

Trimming my nails. It just feels soooo good after I’m done!!!

ETA: I just trimmed my fingernails!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

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I recently ordered three regular bananas from Target and instead got 5 organic bananas. Score!!! (That saved me like at least thirty-eight cents or something. Yippeeeeee!!!)

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Is there actual arbitrage? Every grocery delivery I have seen charge you the actual price for replacements, not the expected price.

Assuming I am right, crushing people’s dreams of saving $0.25.

Hmmm, in my banana incident I was charged for the lower price item that I ordered, not the more expensive one they replaced it with. I checked.

Another one I’ve noticed is that the grocery store by me will do free curbside pickup if your order is at least $X.00.

I can’t recall what X is, but let’s say it’s 35. So I ordered some stuff and found it was only like $28.00. But I’m a cheap actuary and the pickup fee is like $5.00 anyway, so you might as well just get something for $7… it’s really only going to cost you $2.00.

So I added an $8 item that I didn’t especially need, but is frequently out of stock. Order is now $36 and there’s no curbside pickup fee.

When the order was ready there’s an apology from the store that the $8 item was out of stock… so sorry.

So I was worried that my order would now have the $5 surcharge on there since it was now under $35. But it didn’t! They charged me the $28 and no surcharge.

So if you happen to know something is out of stock you could use it to get your order up to the minimum and avoid the fee. But of course you run the risk that it won’t be out of stock and you’ll actually get it!

WalMart is currently giving you the original price. Instacart at Costco, actual price of replacement item. Not sure about Target. YMMV.

Banana incident was Target and they gave me the original price.

Microwaves that don’t have short cut keys for 1, 2, 3, 4 minutes by pushing one button.


Publix red velvet cake. :drooling_face: Nothing compares to it.

Ooops Wrong thread. I do NOT like microwaves that do not have the feature…

The zero button on the microwave in the concession stand is worn, and takes an effort to hit it just right. I used to nuke hot dog buns 10 secs before serving, now I hit 11 secs. I enjoy saying “It goes to 11” a little too much.

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Being able to swear on this site.

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Making Power BI dashboards.

So exciting!!!

I recently connected Excel to our Snowflake database, and I’m pretty stoked about this, you guys.