There's No Place Like Home

Thread for discussion w.r.t house hunting, buying, selling, building, repairs, whatever.

…we bought a house!!!

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You’re supposed to consult us before you buy the house.

I’m not sure what’s going on in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill suburbs, but houses are absolutely flying off the shelves. We’re talking multiple offers on the first day on the market type of situation.

I’m a little impulsive :grimacing:

Might need a separate thread for my old house.

We are currently working on getting plumbing done for a laundry room and half bath in the basement, will require trenching the concrete slab. Once that’s done we have a flooring guy lined up to level the slab, which has heaved a bit, it’s 108 years old. There is an existing rec room in the basement, I’ll be removing the old flooring this weekend.

Working with our carpenter to replace the stairs from the main floor to the basement, they are just shot. And once the plumbing is done in the basement, he will frame the laundry, bath, and an office. Then wiring, drywall, paint, and flooring. It’s a basement, with potential for water, so we bought a commercial vinyl that looks nice enough.

I finished installing sheet rock and insulation in the garage last night and started mud and tape.

Oh, the fence is done, except the gates across the driveway aren’t quite plumb, so I’m harassing the fence guy to come finish that up. Really want him out of my hair, he’s super annoying.

We’ll see, hoping to get the interior wrapped up in ~60 days, so I can take a break before spring, when we’ll be putting a covered porch on the front. It had one originally and I have pictures, we’ll be replicating it. Then we need to replace the driveway. I’ll be at this for a while.

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The pandemic didn’t slow down many markets. We sold a house in Denver this summer. On the market for two days. 21 showings, four offers, the lowest of which was at list price. We closed at $17k over list.

You fanceh.

Congrats on your new home - looks great!

Houses are flying off the shelves in most of the country. I’m guessing a lot of this is driven by people wanting their own space rather than share condos/apartments with others who might get them sick. Plus there has been a mass migration of people moving down south, especially from New Yorkers who are sick of frigid winters and paying those crazy high housing prices. With more people working remotely, this move has accelerated. I know one family who made the move to NC just last month.

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I feel like it. It was the only way to fence the yard for the doggo. And I went all out and got the electric gates and everything. If you come over to my house, please keep your pinky extended whilst drinking. Thanks!


We offered asking, site unseen, with no rent for the period after closing for which they want to rent back from us (Jan 8 - Mar 6).

I was definitely the first offer, since I had the house tagged on Zillow before it went on sale (was supposed to go up a day later), The sellers told us that we had to wait until Saturday evening for any decisions (this was last Thursday). And the house also had 2-month old solar panels that we would have to assume the loan for.

On Saturday night, I negotiated the final sale price via text messaging while OddSox, feeling it an appropriate time to do so, played Smash with the kids.


Be sure to get an inspection - probably worth it to get a radon test, though you would have to check the “Radon Thoughts” thread to get other people’s opinion.

On it. The house is a 2018 so I’m expecting solid results.

That’s what I would expect too, though I know actuaries in the construction defects business that might think otherwise.

BTW, you’re welcome over anytime ViceFeeble. :smiley:

You have a safe space, for when the tornadoes come?
I mean, thread title really suits you more than Tiff.

I like to be inclusive!!

We added a bathroom to our basement and didn’t need to trench, we have a pump that moves the water, etc. out of the bathroom, pumps it up to existing piping from upstairs.

I’m gonna check into this, thanks!

Thanks, we’re a few hours away, plus we usually bring our dogs with us on road trips and don’t think they are cat lovers, even though they sometimes get confused with cats on Zoom.