The Time Standard Thread

A side conversation from “The Daylight Savings Thread” that I’d like to hash out a little more.

Assume that we could get the powers that be in the US and Canadian Governments to agree to do away with DST and your choices are to stay on Standard time year-round or “Daylight Saving” time year-round. Which one would you choose?

Which time standard would you prefer to use year-round?
  • Standard Time
  • “Daylight Saving” Time (ST+1hr)
  • I don’t care - JUST PICK ONE and be done with it!!!
  • 42 hours in a potato, Frank said

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Pros for Standard:
I like waking up to daylight
Summer (& 7/4) Fireworks can start an hour earlier

Pros for “Daylight”:
It’s light out longer for trick or treaters
Post-work activities have more daylight

When I was younger, I wanted it to be dark out when I tricks-or-treats, because tricks-or-treats STARTED when it was dark, so earlier the better, the more treats, etc. Ended at 9PM or so.
And it was dark, because DST used to end on the last Sunday of October.


Does this site allow ranked voting? That would be sweet, because I’d go:

  1. I don’t care; just pick one.
  2. DST
  3. “42.”
  4. Standard
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For a WI-MNer such as my self, there’s no “s” after “trick”.

Is that a California thing? …because the only other place that I’ve heard it are in Peanuts cartoons. (Mr. Schulz spent most of his life in CA, of course.)

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Nope, only a Peanuts thing.
I demand restitution!!


I voted DST but my rank looks like
DST >> Standard >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Changing our clocks

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Maybe we should just have one time zone like China does.

If we do permanent DST then the sun isn’t highest at noon (loosely speaking, within your timezone) though, right? That seems non-ideal for… astronomical fun purposes.

Having the whole world on GMT wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Let employers/employees/schools/etc figure it out from there

It’s what we do for 8 of the 12 months of the year already…

I see your point, but it would be a terrible idea, imo.

Yeah so I could see going to just standard year round, although honestly just not changing the clocks anymore would be best.

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Yes - but we acknowledge it by giving it a different name.

Maybe we can name it American Standard Time

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Freedom Time


I like this idea. Look at all the whole word acronyms

Eastern American Standard Time = EAST
Central American Standard Time = CAST
Mountain American Standard Time = MAST
Pacific American Standard Time = PAST

I think you need Freedom and/or Liberty in there somewhere to get real adoption

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Cue speech: “I had a dream… because I’m sleeping so good on Freedom time!”


The sun is hardly ever highest at noon. Depends on where you are in your time zone.
EVEN IF we didn’t change our clocks, high noon would not be noon, except for a few days.
Something to do with an elliptical orbit, I think, combined with rotation in the same plane as the orbit.

In L.A. today, solar noon is at 11:36AM. During DST a week ago, it was around 12:36PM.

January 8 is the closest that Solar noon is to Clock noon. It gets near it again on March 13, but the next day DST begins.
Drops down to 12:49 PDT on May 13, then starts getting later, until a peak on July 25 of 12:59:28 PM.
Then drops down until Nov 3 at 12:36:26PM, then starts getting later again.


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