The Time Standard Thread

I’m in the far east of a time zone, so I’d prefer shifting to Atlantic Time permanent and being done with it, but people in the western part of MA probably not so much.

Something called an analemma - kinda neat:


Article with more details:


Makes sense, as long as we’re not getting over and hour away from it then that’s fine

I voted “don’t care”…but really, the optimal answer is to split the difference, and go to the half-hour in between standard and daylight saving time (or massively redraw the time zone boundaries).

I’ve had that idea myself. I just don’t want Newfoundland to get cocky and start spouting off about how they’ve been right the whole time.

I thought Mr. Schultz was from St Paul MN.

He was born in MPLS, “grew up” in St. Paul, but spent most of his life in CA.