The MLS Soccer Thread

I expect the biggest consideration for Messi was the almost 7 hour flying time each way between Miami and Vancouver. I appreciate that he doesn’t fly in “coach” but that is still a long time for him to spend on a plane.

It is just shit scheduling on MLS’s part. An easy condition to include is that flight to an away game over 2000 miles (subject to adjustment) followed by a short week must include two away games. Even if they flew to KC/SA/HOU on the way back would make the trip worthwhile for all the money, er, fans and players and owners.

Also, they should trim the number of teams to 20, add a second tier below.

I would agree. Other professional sports leagues schedule road games together geographically and MLS has natural clusters of cities you could combine. Miami and Vancouver especially need to consider this because of their geographic extremes.

Atlanta has been awful lately, so expectations were low traveling to play Messi and friends at full strength in a midweek match. ATL played perhaps their best match of the season and dominated.

The most interesting pieces for me as a fan: ATL went with 3 centerbacks on the back line which they never do. ATL also completely conceded possession and played a counter game, which they also don’t do.

Pineda is out in ATL. He is not solely to blame for the club’s poor play, but he definitely contributed. They need some changes in the front office as well. It’s past time for Bocanegra to hit the road.

This was ruled no goal by the ref in live action, overturned by VAR on this best available angle

I’ll be surprised if it’s one of the calls Pro publishes in their weekly recap, as they tend to avoid caĺls that make them look bad.

PRO admits they screwed this one up. The AR, who did not signal for the goal, had the best view of the play and he was overruled by inconclusive camera angles that were worse than what he saw.

Why is there no camera on the goal line?? I mean, wasn’t this the first thing modernized, along with the signal to the watch?

Nope. Not only does MLS not have goal line technology, they don’t have goal line cameras. I understand why goal line technology may be expensive, but a single 4k camera on each goal post would be cheap and would greatly aid these types of calls.



As predicted PRO decided not to include this one in their weekly video recap. They did post the video in their Definitive Angle series which I think they do for all VAR review. However the Definitive Angle series never includes sound so you can’t hear the referee discussion like you can in the weekly recap. I really wanted to hear the discussion on this one, but figured that would not happen.

They should put a dig in to the decision not to have goal line cameras and technology.

Duh. You have retired, Leo.

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