The MLS Soccer Thread

Bump: Messi and his team of birds (Herons) win at NE in front of a record-there crowd.
And, they’re in first place in their conference!
Hey, it’s good for the league, so all the fans should be happy, right? Right??

Messi learning all the new and not-making-a-league-better MLS Soccer rules:

Not sure what the rule is supposed to accomplish.

I do agree with the Suarez yellow-red for slow-walking his substitution off the field. But the MLS Soccer League doesn’t have to add specific numbers of minutes not already in the Laws of The Game. Referee thinks a player is taking too long to leave the field? Yellow.

It’s intended to reduce when faking injury is used to waste time.

Eh. Time is supposed to be added when it is wasted. That’s in The LOTG already.

Also, it could force a more seriously injured player to “suck it up” resulting in an even more serious injury.

Imagine if Messi had been sent to say NYRB instead of being gifted to Miami so David Beckham’s team wasn’t complete shit yet again.

It’s NYRB, they’d have still found a way to fuck things up, but Messi would make an absurd amount of money in New York City with guaranteed endorsements.

So Messi and friends couldn’t be bothered flying to Vancouver for tomorrow’s match against the Whitecaps. Just glad that I am not one of the 55,000 fans who paid super inflated prices to see Messi tomorrow.

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The MLS could have done MIA a favor and scheduled two long-distance away matches back-to-back instead of making them fly to VAN then back home for a Wed match. Could have scheduled a SEA match instead.

Yes. Not the end of the world to be stuck in Vancouver or Seattle for a few days.

I have mixed feelings about the 55000 fans who grossly overpaid for their tickets here. There is always a risk that Messi won’t play and, if he does, is it really worth it to have paid over a $1000 for the privilege?

If Messi plays for Argentina in the Copa America competition, Canadians could fly to see that match and it would end up costing less to see Canada and Argentina play in that competition than the cost of just the tickets here.

People should review the decisions in their lives before they make them. No 2-hour event is worth, to me, $10,000. Good news is that I do not have that kind of money so I don’t have to make those decisions.
So, VAN can make good on their price-jacking (refunding the difference between a regular MLS match and this one that they explicitly increased), but I don’t think any scalper will do the same. Cuz scalpers suck.

Any MLS owners who are also NBA owners are likely to step in to create new rules designed to disregard player safety for profits.

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I can’t wait for Tata to mouth off yet again about how unfair MLS is about something and inadvertently admit to breaking some league rule, because he certainly hasn’t been able to shut the fuck up about anything so far.

At this point, everyone should already know that Messi sometimes does not travel for road games.

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If the primary purpose of Messi’s hiring was to elevate MLS’ image it is failing badly. Even coming in as a substitute late in a game is better than being a total no-show.

I wonder how their Miami teammates who play all the road games feel about Messi and Suarez not wanting to fly because it is tiring for them?

The fair thing for fans would be for Miami to give long advance notice when Messi will not be appearing rather than two days beforehand. In this case they knew months ago he wouldn’t be travelling as it is not injury-related.

My first thought is…“why”???

I would pay $10,000 CAN for good seats at a once in a lifetime event (think WC Final and ECup Final) but a normal game between IM and VW is just so weird.

Do Canadians pay that much for a normal habs/sens/maple leaf games these days?

I might be a bit out of touch as tickets where not so bad in the 90s.

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This Messi situation shows that some folks have more money than brains. Canadians don’t pay these prices for the Stanley Cup Finals!

As mentioned earlier, a safer bet for Canadian Messi fans would be to buy tickets for the Canada-Argentina Copa America match in Atlanta in June where Messi undoubtedly will play. Those tickets are still only about $200. Or one of the other Argentina matches.


And, I think that the artificial turf is tipping point. Fly that far AND play on turf AND fly back home AND then play in four days?

I can understand Messi not wanting to play on Vancouver’s artificial turf but he and Miami would have known which playing fields were not grass well before tickets went on sale.

Having said that, the Vancouver fans also know they have an artificial turf surface so they should have factored that into their purchase decision!

This has been largely about Messi but there are a lot of Liverpool fans here who also wanted to see Suarez play. He also is skipping the trip.

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FWIW Messi has stated he doesn’t mind playing on artificial turf.

However, I’m not sure he actually has yet in MLS.

He played at NE, scored twice.

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