The MLS Soccer Thread

Thiare poached a goal for ATL late by lurking behind the keeper. I have seen that before multiple times. Not sure I have ever seen it to end a game late in stoppage. Definitely never seen that in person.

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ATL has been pretty awful despite some quality talent, so it’s a full rebuild now. Fired the coach, got a nice price on their good but injury prone striker in Giakomakis, and now selling their best player Almada to Eagle group.

Rumor is that Almada will be sent to Botafogo in Brazil, but if that happens I imagine it is a temporary move. I imagine he is destined for either Olympic Lyonnaisse or Crystal Palace in the near future.

Now Chelsea is reportedly closing in on Caleb Wiley, although I imagine he’d move to Strasbourg first.

More a complaint about ESPN: Who is home, bro??

Sounds like it’s a done deal, and that he will start at Strasbourg initially. That’s a big signing for a young homegrown.

Local beat reporter thinks ATL has $42-50M to spend this transfer window after the fire sale.

Another record broken, by of course… Cavan Sullivan?
Youngest to play in the League. Early retirement? No, transferring to MCI when he turns 18. Let’s see how that works out.

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New slightly tweaked roster rules just dropped. Teams will have 6 “Prime Roster spots”. They can go with either 3 DPs and 3U22 players, or 2DPs and 4U22 players plus $2M in GAM (Garber bucks)

Obligatory, “What the ratio of Garber Bucks to Platini Nickels?”

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