The MAGAfication of the Republican party

The sane people have lost, the Republican party has been taken over by cult MAGA.

In Colorado, the new Republican chair wanted his name to appear on ballots in a real election as Dave “Let’s Go Brandon” Williams. 6 of the 7 candidates, including the final 2, for the Republican chair are election deniers.

Michigan’s new Republican chair not only is a 2020 election denier, but hasn’t conceded her 2022 election result in which she lost by 14 points.

Missouri’s House voted to remove all state funding for libraries.

And I can’t even figure out where to start with Tennessee or Florida.


You could see this before Trump ran for office. Rush’s rhetoric, Sarah Palen, the Koch manufactured anger of the Tea Party movement, the reactions to Obama’s presidency. Trump took advantage of the mess and did what he does best, branded it as his own. Way before Trump the GOP’s conservative agenda had failed to provide solutions for the people so they were relying more on scapegoating and fearmongering. Now, with MAGA at its forefront it is all they have.

Here’s something somewhat related. He belabors his point but this is a pretty good look at the driving behavior of the GOP.

If you don’t want to click: The GOP embraces fascism and the driving behavior of fascism is revenge (violence).

no real interest in governing anything. just making their enemies pay dearly.


The Michigan GOP chair is crazier than advertised.

Karamo has claimed in the past that Beyoncé was secretly recruiting Black Americans to Paganism through a new album; that “demonic possession is real” and transferred via “intimate relationships”; and that acceptance of gay and transgender Americans will lead to the acceptance of pedophilia.

She has said that the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement are “Marxist witches”; that the theory of evolution is “one of the biggest scams ran on us in human history”; and that doing drugs is “witchcraft.” She has compared abortion to Pagan child sacrifice.

In the past, Karamo has also compared the media to Nazi Germany, saying media rhetoric about Republicans will lead to them being rounded up, killed and put in concentration camps.

A proud anti-vaxxer, Karamo has also said she doesn’t believe in vaccines – saying she won’t vaccinate her children and has only taken one vaccine herself.

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in that order?

If Trump gets the nomination the GOP will 100% lose the 2024 election.

Have you see the numbers for the Independents?

They despise Trump.

The main problem is the crazies will still have control of some States (I do recognise this is bad as well).

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News that somehow makes you say `wtf?’ while not really being surprising:

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Isn’t that right out of Trump’s playbook?

I know it’s a favorite of Professor Lockhart.

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Similiar trends in Canada. We used to have fairly centric left and right wing party. Bit of a tossup telling them apart, both fiscally and socially. Now the left are off the rails when it comes to ethics and the right wing party are going hard socon. Used to be able to vote for either or without too many ramifications. Now, no matter which way we vote the results are just bad.
I hate it. Where I live is traditionally conservative, even lgbtq folks would vote conservative because the party wasn’t socon. They certainly can’t vote that way anymore, nor can anyone with anything remotely resembling a conscience. And the left is just as bad, just in different ways.


This is what happens with social media. The only feedback politicians are getting is from Twitter and Twitter is where the lunatic fringe lives. So basically idiots on Twitter are defining policy decisions at the highest levels of our government because their reactions and comments are driving our elected officials.

I’d argue it is a combination of social media along with Fox News making their points legitimate.

Too legitimate to quitimate.

That’s pretty much been Trump’s message to everyone since like 1980. It’s just that he had gained more harassing power recently.

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ChatGPT to the rescue!


I feel like the Republican Party while still appealing to their base has really worn out their welcome with everyone else at this point. What is interesting is that I am getting the feeling from even some diehards in our church that the party is starting to rub them the wrong way. First gun violence is a concern to a lot of church folks. The refusal to do anything about assault rifles is bothering to many people who are diehard R on everything else. Second the church is now being told that hey we know you supported us forever to get Roe V Wade overturned but hey these abortion bans aren’t popular so be prepared for us to backtrack on that a bit.

I kind of think this Magification is reaching it’s logical end. They are going to go so far right that they won’t have enough support to win any sort of national or statewide election in 75% of the country.

Democrats might need to follow Biden’s lead and also maybe take a page out of McConnell’s playbook. Let the Republicans message dominate the airwaves. It isn’t very popular so let them talk about it as much as possible. The Republican Primary is going to be a huge show of just how extreme and petty they have gotten. Let it breathe for everyone else to see.


I hope there is a Republican nomination fight. It could happen that DeSantis flames out and nobody else gets enough traction to make it a contest.

Good news, Desantis is a sore loser too so he won’t go down without a fit.

Unsure if this is a typo but appropriate.

I had the same thought of the negative campaigning between any potential R candidates will turn most people off to whoever floats to the top of the tank.


Not a typo :joy:

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Not sure where to put this, more of a general far right people are evil than an elected representatives thing, but sticking it here anyways: Someone tried to SWAT both Zooey Zephyr and her girlfriend Erin Reed (who lives in Maryland) for the crime of being prominent trans women. After they had been doxxed a couple years ago, Erin Reed contacted her local police department in anticipation that this could happen, which seemed to have helped. I don’t know what the SWATter said about Zephyr, the 911 call about Erin Reed apparently said that she was being held hostage at her house.

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