The MAGAfication of the Republican party

Trump spoke the other day to the Georgia and North Carolina Republican conventions, who then did a bang up job of elections:

In Georgia, they elected an apparently normal Republican as chair (he wants to be aggressive in challenging voter registrations in Democratic counties, but that is par for the course for mainstream Republicans). But the first vice-chair is an election denier who is under investigation for 9 counts of voting illegally (I believe in 9 elections, not 9 extra times in one election), 2nd vice chair is an election denier, new secretary filed a lawsuit claiming Fulton county counted illegal ballots (lawsuit dismissed with no trial, and appeal rejected as well), assistant secretary did similar.

In North Carolina, I don’t think they held party elections. But instead voted over 2-1 to censure Thom Tillis for voting for the fairly bipartisan Respect for Marriage Act. The horrors – a politician making a compromise!

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Moms for Liberty is the group behind most of the parental book complaints in schools. The Hamilton County, IN chapter quoted Hitler on the front page of a recent news letter. They sound like charming people.

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Begun the book burnings have.

They didn’t even burn books, just cardboard boxes representing “naughty” books.

So they are just aspirational Nazis? That is somehow both pathetic and evil.


Some days living in Kansas is a little tough, but I guess at least I’m not in Missouri or Oklahoma!


“Freedom for thee, but not for thee! You are not allowed to read these books, er, empty boxes, because I am free to tell you what you can and cannot do! Freedom!!”

Wasn’t sure the best place to put #SaveTheChildren hypocrisy. I’m discussing the QAnon-astroturfed campaign to slander liberals as pedophiles while keeping a Red Wall of Silence on people like Matt Gaetz.

38-year-old man grabs the genitals of a 16-year old, according to prosecution sexually approached several other children, and texted the 16-year-old that he was a pedophile hitting on him, several times.

The judge says he has a “proclivity toward young men.”

For context, this area is about 60/40 skewed toward MAGA/No Step on Snek types. (The further north you go in Michigan, the further South you are.)

The judge calling children “young men” is infuriating, as is the pedophile getting just 3 months in jail. But the judges there are right-leaning and the pedophile was a 2-time GOP candidate.

For reference, this is adjacent to the Grand Traverse County commissioner who brought a firearm into a governmental Zoom meeting while another commissioner discussed denouncing local January 6 supporter groups. He is currently being sued by the anti-insurrection commissioner over it.

I’m just imagining the judge thinking “we’re going to try the victim as an adult”


Add on all the rubes that supported and got all frothy over the “sound of hypocrisy” or whatever that Qanon movie that made millions this summer was.

Which thread discussed that idiocy and grifting in the name of “protecting children?”

I had asked about it over the summer in Random Political Thoughts

That what you’re looking for?

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It. Is. A. Cult.

Among Republicans, 53% said Trump was a person of faith, ahead of every other person on the list — although he was statistically tied with Pence, who came in at 52%.

Trump also led several of his other opponents in the Republican presidential primary, with 47% of Republican respondents saying Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a person of faith, 31% for Sen. Tim Scott, 31% for former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, 30% for entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and 22% for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Only 23% of Republicans said Biden is a person of faith, while 12% said the same of Vice President Kamala Harris.


Why the 11-point drop in Republicans thinking Kamala Harris is a person of faith less than Biden?

(Is it racial? I have a feeling it is but it’s just a feeling.)

Biden attends church almost every week, and people often put up photos of that. So it doesn’t have to purely be racial.

Hmm, I cannot find a history of Harris’ church attendance other than “regularly”. But I can believe that more people are sharing POTUS pictures than VPOTUS.

Trump more a person of faith than Pence? Like this is just sad.

Trump couldn’t even name a part of the bible.

“‘yloH elbiB’ Hah! I got the title right!”

Look, if he wasn’t passionate about religion, would he have had people tear gassed so he could have a photo op outside of a church?

And let me link this one more time:


I think you have that upside down