The Last of Us

“There’s only one person left who can fuck up this whole procedure”.

“Okay, he’s unconscious now but we’re not going to give him any more drugs to keep him unconscious. We’re going to let him wake up and take him out of his cell before the procedure is completed. We will march him down a barely lit stairwell not far from where the procedure is going to take place and guard him with two poorly trained armed men”.

I’m guessing they haven’t seen any James Bond or Austin Powers movies.



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The decision would suck but I’d agree with the fireflies. She shouldn’t have to make that decision. She’s a kid and it would better to kill her in surgery where she wouldn’t know a thing.

“You got me monologuing!!”

Saw it. Not the best ending. He did what he wanted to do, because of emotions, saves one girl and kills about 30 or so people he doesn’t know. Then lies about it afterward. This is the hero we need? Eh.

Have they been portraying Joel as a hero? I haven’t got that vibe throughout the show.

I have not played the game, so I don’t know how his character arcs, but so far to me he certainly has antihero vibes. Not a villain at any rate.

nowadays writers like to make antagonists and protagonists one and the same.

How about, “This is the father we need? Eh.”

The show needed it. cuz Season 2.

More killer mushrooms -

I think we have parasitic fungus in the US too

My problem with this, and it’s the same problem I had with the game: one doctor thinks he might be able to possibly do something, maybe, if he can kill her and get her brain stem for experimentation.

The odds of a ‘cure’ seem a lot lower when viewed that way.

They’ve announced season 2 will not be the complete 2nd game. I think there’s enough there there for 3-4 seasons if they want.

Additionally, by attacking Joel and Ellie, the Fireflies had already shown their hand of not being an organization for good. Allowing the technology to fall into their hands may have a been bad thing for the human race. Joel delivered the cargo as promised and instead of thanking him and paying him, they knocked him unconscious and planned to dump him outside without any transport or weapons.

I think, even with their nefarious goals, they would have been much better off greeting them warmly and then performing a complicated extraction of genetic material from Ellie for the good of the human race that “accidentally” caused her death.

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Good point. I was also skeptical about the doc being able to develop an effective cure on their first/only try.

I have a problem with the whole premise of having to kill her to get a cure. It just doesn’t make sense. All the info they could get would be in her blood, not just in the brain tissue.

Once you get past that though I think Joel did what he had to do. Agree the fireflies handled it poorly. They should have welcomed them both with open arms and let her decide what she wants. I thought it was pretty clear she would choose to sacrifice herself if it came to that.

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