The Last of Us

The Last of Us is finally coming out Sunday. I’ve been waiting for this show to come out for over a year. Reviews have all been positive and the trailer looks great: The Last of Us | Official Trailer | HBO Max - YouTube

I’m worried about the part where there are zombies involved. But also I’m interested. But zombies.

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Haven’t played the games. Am aware of them and the general plot. Should I play them first? Unsure, given how negatively I end up feeling when adaptations stray from source.

I have it set up on the DVR. I have no idea about the game. Not going to play a game to get caught up.
Let’s see if they give Lady Mormont something to work with.

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I played the game and the story is really good and the game is one of my favorites. The zombies are really cool in the game. I suggested one of my friends watch the TV show first before playing the game. Maege Mormont seems perfect for her role.

Partner and I played both games. Both good, 10/10 according to them, 8/10 for me.

We were unimpressed by the child female lead, however she might grow on us when we actually watch it. Have seen trailers and thought other shows would suck and loved them regardless.

I’m predicting a 7/10 show, entirely watchable but not must-see. I’ll eat my words later if I love or despise it.

It seems good so far! Looking forward to the next episode. Nick Offerman will show up later

When do I get to shoot things? I thought it was a video game. I did some pew-pew at the screen but nothing happened.

Anywho, seems ok. I might not get too far, though.

Ep1 seemed good. They do a good job of not shoving plot details down your throat.

They are really following the story well. I was waiting for the clickers to show up.

Question on ep2:

Did she recognize the zombie dude in the state house at the end that she made out with? Is there additional backstory there or did she just slowplay the explodiness? Wasn’t sure if there was some game storyline that better explained her reaction, but it didn’t make immediate sense.

My understanding is:

Something different happens to her in game, so no, it’s not from the game. I’ve seen the show runners say that their goal was to explore the idea of what happens if someone doesn’t resist, that the violence of the attacks is because people do resist. One fan explanation I’ve seen is that it is a sign of how the infection has mostly, but not completely, taken her over.

I thought it was mostly that she was infected, she was going to become a zombie eventually, sacrificed herself now so that they could get away. And, yes, make sure to have an old-timey lighter that doesn’t work first-time, every-time. Should also know that a spark is all it takes to light the fuel, so just drop and light it.

If this series is going to be another “writer doesn’t know how things work, so wings it” series, I’ll be gone soon.

Nevermind the actual box of grenades that would have worked just fine :laughing:

I’m always a little lax on such poetic licenses in a show that’s already clearly in the realm of fiction. That being said–and I mentioned this in another thread–I think the preface to this show was the most logical and believable setup I’ve ever seen for an apocalyptic zombie story.

Yeah that was my immediate reaction as well.

That would also make sense. Zombie dude isn’t in any hurry because she’s going to turn anyway.

The only other thing that she has been in that I know of is Game of Thrones. She stole virtually every scene she was in. In a series with something like 300 named characters, she was one of the most memorable, and her character was not one of the major ones. She was a 10 year old girl, born into a noble family (aka House Mormont), but a noble family of secondary importance. Due to the death or relegation of every older blood relative, she becomes the de facto family leader. Her primary role was to decide which of the feuding primary noble houses she will throw her family’s support to. You would think that is a heavy burden on a 10 year old child, but she was opinionated, outspoken, intelligent, and wise. Her acting was great.

If she shows even half of that in TLOU, I think we will be entertained.

We have been holding off on watching until more is released but she was truly badass in her GoT role.

We have heard she’s done well. I’m excited.


Wiki says that critics raved about episode 3, coming out tomorrow.

I’m more hooked than I thought I’d be. Zombie stuff has always been kinda meh. The acting has all been superb though, and there’s drama beyond simply “SURVIVE!”

I liked the scene in episode 1 when Joel comes home to pick up his daughter and tells his neighbor to get inside and lock the door. As Joel and his daughter are doing a u-turn to get the hell out of there, we see in the background that the neighbor has disregarded his instructions and has come out of her house to see why the other neighbors have blood all over them and of course they attack her.This text will be blurred