The Earthquake Thread

Starting a thread just for this. It will be infrequently updated, as only important quakes (near a poster; higher than, say, 5.0; in the USA) would be posted.

10/25/2022 San Jose area, 5.1.

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I felt that. Wondered where that was.

About 30 miles from here, did not feel it.

I thoroughly don’t know, other than fracking, does climate change significantly affect earthquake frequency/severity? Hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes are obvious, just wondering about long-term projections on earthquakes.

There’s an IPCC summary chart out there somewhere that i couldn’t quickly find. I dont believe EQ is on there so no impact.

Based off memory:

Hurricane - increased severity, no change to frequency - high level of confidence

Flooding and Wildfire - increased frequency and severity with a high level of confidence

Severe Convective & Winter Storms - inconclusive with a low level of confidence (basically there are things that cause increases and things that cause decreases)

I’m unaware of any link between climate change and earthquake frequency and/or severity.

Bump: NoCal

Anyone familiar with Cali EQ coverage: can an EQ cover be purchased separately from a HO policy there with any convenience? I’ve k my really seen it endorsed to another property policy but I’m sure it exists. Any specific pros/cons/cost considerations either way? Asking for a friend.

Our EQ policy is a separate policy through a company called Geovera.
They were considerably cheaper than State Farm where we have most of our other insurance including HO.

EQ insurance has big deductibles but we carry it in case of total loss so we would be able to rebuild.


If we’re bumping the earthquake thread this week it should be for the Turkey / Syria quake

Hm. True. Should’ve opened with that.

I guess this could have gone in the WTF news thread, wow, just wow.

JINDERIS, Syria — Residents digging through a collapsed building in a northwest Syrian town discovered a crying infant whose mother appears to have given birth to her while buried underneath the rubble from this week’s devastating earthquake, relatives and a doctor said Tuesday.

The newborn girl’s umbilical cord was still connected to her mother, Afraa Abu Hadiya, who was dead, they said. The baby was the only member of her family to survive from the building collapse Monday in the small town of Jinderis, next to the Turkish border, Ramadan Sleiman, a relative, told The Associated Press.

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From Turkey earthquake drone footage shows fissures slicing through land

Click to see drone video footage .

Here’s a snapshot of what caught my eye:

What if you were an award winning farmer outstanding in your field when this happened? You could’ve slipped through the cracks…LITERALLY.