The Daylight Savings Thread

It saves no daylight at all. Just shifts to a later time.
In AO tradition, let’s make a 1000-post thread to complain about it.

Now the US Senate is getting involved. Sure, your state propositions (CA) mean that you are officially complaining about it (but getting nothing done), HERE is where things can get done.

States can ask, strenuously, to move their state to the next Standard Time Zone to the right (for CA, that would mean moving to Mountain Standard Time and not changing semiannually for DST), but Congress still has to approve that. And when CA goes, OR and WA will also ask for it.

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Won’t SOMEBODY think of the farmers?

It was about the retailers.

Maybe when there is so little in-person retail…


And I gotta run around the house changing all the devices with clocks in them… :unamused:

I just leave them flashing 12:00. They’re right twice a day.


I want to come home, and have daylight left. That’s it. Just time to do something outside before the spooky darkness.

…and a relatively new gripe: not being able to run the kiddo around outside for awhile when getting home from work is catastrophic for both parties.

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Only once. At noon.

It’s 0:00 at midnight.

Give me year round DST or give me death!


I don’t mind the idea of year round DST. I also don’t mind the idea of trying to convince your employer to let you come in and leave an hour earlier.

Either way - changing the time twice a year is stupid.


I know of several states (out West, mostly) that have already enacted legislation that are triggered to be effective when either the Fed gov’t enacts this type of change, or when most (or all?) of neighboring states have enacted the change independently.

If you’re the only one in the household affected by DST, sure, that is an easy request.
But, your children’s schools and your spouse’s schedule might not be as flexible and DST will still affect your sleep schedule.

True. There’s probably a threshold where when enough people demand it most employers/schools/etc will fall in line. Be the change you want to see!

Note: some might complain that 7:00AM is too early to start school, but it’s the exact same time as 8:00AM if we were to go with year round DST, so…

I think there is some (minor) value to having noon be when the sun is at it’s zenith instead of 1:00PM, but even so - if we need to do year round DST in order to get rid of time changes, I’m all for it.

you set your clocks to a 24 hour schedule???

You should join the civilian world and use the 12:00 standard. It’ll make it easier to converse with other people.

“Roger that, the meeting will commence at 15:20 for 10 minutes.”

I don’t think that “Solar Noon = Clock Noon” is physically possible without changing the time EVERY day at every longitude.
Even without DST, there is already a 30-minute difference between Solar Noon times in a calendar year (for me – might differ by latitude? maybe not). Something to do with the elliptical orbit.
Where I live, with permanent DST it would never happen.
Check this out:

Yeah, I don’t really care if it’s Standard or DST. Just pick one and be done with it.
And, I think Congress (where these changes are made) should be amenable to such changes, but only once every ten years or so.
'cause, there will inevitably be a state who, after a year or so, will have citizens complain that “It’s too bright/dark in the morning, so move us to the next time zone over.”

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The military is only one group that uses 24 hour time. And there are differences to “regular” 24-hour time. For instance, the military does not put a colon between hours and minutes. For example 10:50 is merely 1050 military time. Military time also appends a 0 to the single-digit hours. An example: 4:18 is 0418 military.

The 24 hour clock is the most popular time format in the world. Per Wikipedia, at least.

And 24 hour time makes it easier to communicate. “I’ll be there at 16:00 on Tuesday” is a lot clearer than “I’ll be there at 4 o’clock next Tuesday”

Your point would be better made with a number between about 6 and 12. “I’ll be there at 4:00AM” is almost never said by anybody…


You realize that most people in Europe use the 24 hour clock?

IIRC, it’s the same in Australia.

Not sure how it is in Canada.

And it sounds cool when you say “Oh four hundred hours!!”

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It bugs me that I cannot set my work computer to 24 hour time.

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