The covid virgins club

Exposed Tuesday night, still testing negative. I guess we’ll know in another couple of days.

Still negative for COVID but managed to pick up some other small bug. Should probably put that in the annoyed thoughts thread.

Still a member of the club afaik.
Stopped wearing masks at work a while ago. Will still wear one in a crowded indoor space though.

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This is the advice i give.
Whenever you are uncomfortable with the mix of folks in a small area, use a mask.
Just tell them, "you don’t know where I’ve been, " but really, it’s the other way around.

Tomorrow I will embark on a giant COVID incubator on the sea. #prayformojo


Stay outdoors!!!

Also still a member. But I’m taking off the mask more often, so i suppose it’s only a matter of time.

Are there very many cases in your neck of the woods? Here there is more flu and strep than Covid. (Ok I haven’t looked at the flu stats. Could be random upper respiratory virus.)

I expected this to be me, too, but I still have not gotten it and I’m mostly unmasked now.

Granted, my activities are still pretty limited, probably more than pre-covid, but there have been a few events where I thought certainly it would get me, and I’m still a virgin.

I’m not doing as much as in the before days, mostly because I’m older and have less energy. But I’m still out 2-4 nights a week doing something. But mostly I’m masked.

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The COVID incubator has taken OddSox out of this exclustive club.

I on the other hand, am superhuman. No pandemic can claim me!


No covid for me. Just spoke to a buddy who has it right now, and he’s passed it to his wife and daughter. I asked him if he wore a mask on the plane, and he said that he wished he had lol. His whole group got it.

When you say “incubator”, you mean the cruise ship, right???

Do you have covid yet?

Ugh, I’m flying in two days and do not want Covid again. I guess I should pick up some N95s…

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Please don’t get covid. Maybe double up?

That reminds me… :mask: :airplane: …me too. Better pack a mask and a lunch.

Re-tested at lunch, still a virgin.

Husband is currently playing the “sweater on, sweater off, sweater back on” game.

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Did your husband test positive?

Oh yeah - he’s OddSox. He tested postive yesterday and sounds pretty awful today.

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