The covid virgins club

I attribute my covid virginity to a few factors despite my city being a covid epicenter:

  1. not having much of a life
  2. living alone
  3. not being elderly and in need of care by covidy people
  4. some luck when i ventured a little from the above items.
  5. Having a job where either I wfh or if I go to the office where there are very few people there to give me covid, and i interact little to none with them.

how about you guys?

How do you know if you were asymptomatic non virgin

Afaik I’ve not gotten it. I WFH full time, got vaxxed asap, wear a mask, and try not to do as much when Covid is raging.

Im not the most careful person but I’m not Florida man. So. But I haven’t been sick with anything in years (knocks on wood), so maybe I got it and wasn’t symptomatic.

I really don’t think I am. When I got the J&J shot, I had no reaction other than a sore arm. For the moderna booster months later, I had a bit more of a reaction, but within the realm of normal for not having had covid.

I suppose slim chance, but I doubt it.

I’m not really counting the vaccine since everyone seems to be getting it regardless of vax status with omicron, but ya, i’m vaxxed.

As of mid-June, I had no infection-produced antibodies. Don’t think I’ve had covid since then. Would like to take another antibody test soon to verify that, after I get through this wave, if still no confirmation of an infection by then.

I have a feeling that I did get it before it had become a national focus. In Nov 2019, I took my wife to O’Hare for a flight; ~3 days later, I get a nasty cough (don’t recall fever, but it would’ve been a pretty low-grade fever) that would keep me up at night. I’m prone to bronchitis, but never to the extreme where I go to the doctor for relief.

My problem with confirming/refuting this is that I wasn’t eligible for the antibody testing until Mar 2020. My understanding is that after about 3 month of having COVID, these antibodies “disappear”.

It definitely helped prevent illness w prior variants. I’ve seen some data showing that your risk of Omicron is still lower if you’re vaxxed, just not nearly as much.

Always masked, rarely go out, fully wfh. Plus Canadian lockdowns.
Also very careful with who we group with. Mostly just family.
Not yet, but I think it’s coming. I expect my son to bring it home from work/school.

I don’t think these antibodies disappear that fast for most people. The people I know who had covid in 2020 had antibodies for a long time after that.

Sounds like meme with which I am not familiar.

It’s good to be an introverted actuary!!! :+1: :nerd_face:

ETA: WFH, just got my booster this week, always masked when out, lots of hand sanitizing.

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I haven’t caught it yet. Factors in my favor:

  1. Vaxxed and boosted as soon as I could
  2. No office job
  3. I’ve masked up when in stores pretty much since this thing started, including when it was voluntary. When COVID is running wild like now, I wear a high quality mask if in a potentially exposed situation.
  4. Only had a few indoor restaurant meals since March 2020, and those were during times when community transmission was low. This was a big lifestyle change for me as I used to eat at restaurants frequently.
  5. Reduced in-person gatherings indoors with friends and family. We’ve done it some of course, but gatherings with friends in particular have been down.
  6. Some dumb luck
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That could be true; and it could be matter that different mutations persist longer.

I’m reporting what I was told when I asked for the test and explained my situation/concern. My test came back negative.

Pretty much the same. I’ve only had one restaurant meal, and few unmasked in-person gatherings. Most of my social life has become masked, or on-line.

I have spent a lot of time with my mom, since she got covid. But i wore a tight-fitting mask, and showered when i returned home. I’m still kinda surprised i didn’t catch it from her.

I get another chance this weekend, when I visit her again. Her doctor thinks she’s probably still contagious. :cry:

My brother owns a restaurant, and my high risk sister works there for him. I am really surprised that neither caught it since they are basically indoors with unmasked strangers eating/talking for 5 days every week.

I’ve avoided it afaik. I also fit the Arthuritis / Lucy description pretty well. Well, technically, I’d been going to the office for a long time, but that is low risk because few other people are there. I’m a little surprised that my kid didn’t get it at school in the week before they closed down. He got 3 close-exposure notices in one week. But he’s been tested several times over the past few weeks and never got it.

guys, anyone other than me afraid to touch the covid cooties club thread?

They’ve probably been in this thread breathing (w/o a mask, mind you) all over the posts.