The bragging thread

Brag on your kids, spouse, yourself, your pets, whatever you want in this thread. It’s the thread for bragging.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be something that others will ooh & aah over. Perhaps, it’s just something that you’re proud of and want to share with others. Maybe you’re not ever proud of it, per se. Maybe you just need to share it with others.

I’ve got nothing to brag about in the OP. I just needed to make sure there’s a thread for it when I do.

I shaved this morning without my wife telling me to.

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I feel like I inspired this thread.

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I had been wanting to make it for a while, but, perhaps, in your own little way, you nudged me to put silicon dots to screen. It’s a multi-variate model for sure.

My daughter read a short book to me from school, that was cool and a first :slight_smile:


My daughter has published more books than I can imagine writing (probably over 20).


Hey my kid can read cursive, apparently, wtf? I mean I know it’s just curvy letters or whatever but still, I assume you need some training or something…?

I found an ID that belonged to a teacher in front of my local grocery store. I left her a voice mail and she swung by to pick it up. That was very sweet of me!!! :innocent:

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I seem to have fixed the non-draining dishwasher.

There were a bunch of pumpkin seeds (or similar) in the hose that goes from the dishwasher to the garbage disposal.

Of course, I ended up taking the insides apart when all I had to do was clear the end of that hose, but chalk that part up to learning opportunities.

I achieved my goal of being credit card debt free by the end of 2020. I made my final payment credit card payment today! I paid off $10,000 in credit card debt this year. My credit score jumped from 700 to 800 over that time. The bank used to give me a hard time about raising my credit limit, now they spam my email with high credit offers lol

I was very irresponsible during my college years and was carrying this with me for a couple of years. It was a huge lesson learned and I’m glad to be rid of it.

Next year I’m tackling the remainder of my student loans!


I have another 8.75 hours to go, but at that point, I will be booze-free for a full year. I have no plans to go back to drinking, and certainly not to drunkenness, which for me are pretty much the same thing.


Humblebragging: A Distinct—and Ineffective—Self-Presentation Strategy

My daughter won’t be able to celebrate her bachelor’s degree with an alcoholic drink because she’s not old enough in the United States…so she’ll be going to graduate school in Finland where the drinking age is 18, so she’ll celebrate over there.

87 pages??

Hence, an ineffective self-presentation strategy

I get it.

“Oh My God! I can’t believe I had to write 87 pages worth of groundbreaking study on humblebragging that was so good it got published!!”

Is she now in a pit in your basement?

I gotta get some lotion. Thanks for the reminder!!! :smiling_imp:


A friend’s son successfully defended his master’s thesis earlier this month!!! :man_student:

I went to one of my kid’s masters presentations (there were like 10 of them presenting). It alternated between a snoozefest, to some really crazy stuff.
Found out that some songbirds learn their songs and pass them down through generations. And they intermingle with birds from other areas and learn their songs. So bird one will migrate, mix with another bird and learn their song. Then a generation later the first bird’s descendants are singing with tunes borrowed from the other bird. (not my kid’s presentation, but this one stuck out).

Junior’s doing research on drinking water stuff right now for his masters. For his phd stuff I think he’s going to be researching on ‘the other end’, waste water and sewage. Seems like there’s a lot of gov’t money in water right now.