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Thread to discuss the best things.

When you feel like the discussion of the last best thing is dying down, feel free to suggest another topic.

Let’s start with:

The Best Music in a Disney Cartoon

I’m not taking about the best song, although that can certainly be a consideration. I’m talking about the soundtrack as a whole.

I will suggest one that doesn’t get much love - The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Not the best movie (I like it, but still…), but the music is fantastic. “Bells of Notre Dame” might be the best song Disney has ever produced, and “Out There” is one of my favorites to sing (although it gets a bit high for me).

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I am old. Jungle Book for me


Emperor’s New Groove.

Interesting question. My 2 favorite songs are Never Had A Friend Like Me from Aladin and Be Our Guest from Beauty And The Beast.

Lion king maybe… Really like Moana and Encanto, though it’s possible I’m just charmed by the stories.

Hercules. I still listen to Go the Distance. Anastasia is also good. And this is a weird one, but I grew up watching a really dated LOTR cartoon that had a great soundtrack.

All the classics are great though, can’t argue against any of them.

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I really like the music in this too. Not Disney, but…

Outside of Disney, An American Tail probably wins. Actually, it probably beats the Disney shows too.

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:musical_note: Frodo of the nine fingers
And the ring of dooooom :musical_note:

But I don’t think that was Disney.

I love the music in Moana (except “Shiny” - I don’t care for that song).

Encanto feels to me that it is a story that was written to support the songs. The music is great - the story isn’t all that compelling to me though. It’s enjoyable enough, but kinda feels cobbled together.

Yep, neither Anastasia nor LOTR was Disney. I expanded the question because you don’t own me… and Disney doesn’t own good cartoon soundtracks!


I think Frozen is an overrated soundtrack. Maybe that’s just because of all the hype it got. I didn’t hate the music, just got tired of it.

I don’t think it can be denied that “Let It Go” is a fantastic song. It got overdone really fast, but still - the song is great.


Like that one that goes…

How years ago in days of old
When magic filled the air
'T was in the darrrrrrrrrrrkest depths of Mordor
I met a girl so fair
But Gollum, and the evvvvvvvvvvvil one
Crept up and slipped away with her
Her, her, yeah
Ain’t nothing I can do, no

I guess I keep on ramblin…

I admit the story didn’t make perfect sense, but it’s probably my favorite. The characters always make me laugh, and refugee trauma was such a weirdly satisfying surprise ending? Might help that everyone I know in real life is both talented and neurotic.

Agree completely on Shiny, and really the entire crab situation.

Yeah, I actually dislike the story. Everyone loves the grandmother so much but actually she is mean, mean, mean.

The songs are fun though. And kids just insanely love to sing “we don’t talk about Bruno”… just the most hysterical song lyric of all time.

If I had to pick a soundtrack from an animated kids movie to listen to, it’d probably be The Lion King.

But if I had to pick just a single song then maybe Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast.

Disclaimer: there’s a LOT of animated movies that I’ve never seen.

I think you missed the point of a key part of the culture being represented. And the underlying reason why la abuela was so “mean.”

Yes, this is entirely possible.

But if I were to pick children’s programming about a Latinx family, I’d much rather watch Elena of Avalor.

The best animated Disney soundtrack is clearly The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you are talking cartoons, Steamboat Willie.

Nightmare Before Christmas is definitely one of the best soundtracks. I could be convinced to give it top billing.

I’m not a fan of the Oogie boogie song, but I can overlook that.