The Attempted Coup of the United States of America

I agree they’re mostly for political grandstanding, but I think useful information could still come out of this. For one, HOW were those people able to physically break into the Capitol? Did the Capitol police not use enough force at the beginning?

The sad thing is, now the Capitol is probably going to look like a fortress from here on out, whereas before it looked at least somewhat approachable, despite the long steps facing the mall.


No surprise as most of these people blame Biden for the attack on the Capitol.

Video at link


Trump’s legal team is in court arguing he should be immune from lawsuits related to 1/6 because his actions concern making a presidential speech on a matter of public concern.

The Fulton County special grand jury investigating interference in the election has completed it’s work


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4 more convicted of seditious conspiracy just for going on an ordinary tourist visit


Have any of the sentences been determined yet? Not just for these four but for any of them? (I assume it’s too early for these four to have been sentenced.)



  1. According to the DOJ, about 335 people have received sentencing in relation to the January 6 attacks, and approximately 185 have been sentenced to time in prison. Florida resident Paul Hodgkins was the first person federally sentenced in relation to the attack. He received eight months in federal prison and two years of supervised release.
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I thought I saw a May 2nd sentencing date from a report yesterday.

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