The Antics of Florida Man


First rule of Florida: Be cautious when opening the door for a candygram.

Probably could be in the WTF thread as well.

Florida Man wants to change Florida law that helped give rise to the Florida Man meme:

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Every time I read the thread title I’m reminded of “Particle Man” by They Might Be Giants.


Going to see TMBG live tonight. They will be playing all of Flood.

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saw the show in June. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

the flood songs were all played, but not necessarily in any order. few at a time, with others spread around.

Yes, I am finding it hard to give an F this afternoon. I think the liner notes of Apollo 18 say the disc is designed for random play, with the fingertips randomness interspersed. I wouldn’t be offended if they present Flood in that manner.

That mug shot is something!

At my show, I think they did 15 or 16 out of the 19. I think they skipped a couple.

Only one they may have skipped last night was “Dead”. I can’t remember how it goes off the top of my head, so I’ll have to listen to it. Did “Fingertips” from Apollo 18 as 2nd encore. 3rd encore was Dr Worm

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Dr Worm is the greatest. The venn diagram t-shirts are top tier nerdiness!

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Oh, “I returned a bag of groceries” is Dead, thanks @tommie.frazier
My wife and I were commenting: A big bunch of people and we don’t know anyone here. Looks like we run in limited circles, outside alt-rock concert goers. Then we turned to the right and saw some acquaintances from church. :slight_smile:

Unpopular opinion? Fingertips is better than the 2nd half of Flood.

Meh, not indefensible, but not my side.

During Fingertips “Heart Attack” Flansburgh drops down on stage (as if he were). A guy in the front row, with whom they had been kidding with earlier in the show, yells out “John! John, Look at me! Don’t go into the light!” and reached out to him. I swear Flansburgh had a hard time keeping it together and not bust out laughing. There was a little bit of a pause as the band got through it.

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