The Antics of Florida Man

I came across an article to post to the Florida Man thread…and then I discovered we don’t seem to have one here.

So, I’m fixing that omission.

This thread is to share the antics of “Florida Man” (and “Florida Woman”).

This isn’t the Florida Man headline I wanted to share…but I thought I’d lead with something milder.

That’s almost as stupid as robbing a donut shop

Obligatory X-Files meme:

The follow up at the end of that article… :joy:

Was it this one?

Florida man caught having sex with dog destroys nativity scene?


Plenty of nuts stick around in AL and GA; FL has the added bonus of coconuts.

I thought we already had a Republicans Say The Darndest Thing Thread…

Bah-sun-pshhh (I’ll see myself out)

glad they clarified that was stock image and not the (alleged) victim. it would say a lot about a town if the paper had a policy on identifying the animal by name or photo in such a story

This one is so weird it’s not funny.

Was the goldendoodle playing the camel part?

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Florida woman presents an idea to city council.

(Slightly NSFW due to content)

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So, at what blood alcohol level does one’s blood become a preservative?



When my kids were young, we had billboards and various signs around town that said “Drink. Drive. Go to jail.” My kids were concerned whenever I took a sip of my coffee that I would get in trouble.