The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, in 2021

Alright, events are going to start eventing.
Not sure what I’ll watch, and whether what I watch will actually be on the TV the whole time I record it. I’m recording the USA soccer (default: women’s) team at, 5AM? tomorrow. I’ll watch women’s gymnastics, as I would if it were NASCAR, for the injuries, since Simone cannot be beaten (except for injury). My wife will inform me when it’s on.
Then, just highlights of other events.
I might simply catch up on my recordings while wifey watches other events. Clear some space off the TiVo.

Meanwhile, a paralympian British long-jumping woman was asked if she could wear shorts, as her current uniform was too revealing.

“I just finished my last long jump competition before [Paralympic] selection,” Breen told ESPN. "This official came up to me and said to me: ‘Can I speak to you?’ And she just said, ‘I think your briefs are too revealing. I think you should consider buying some shorts.’

I should decide for myself if it’s too revealing or not. I hope this official doesn’t mosey over to the swimming events. She might faint.

Or the women’s Beach Volleyball? Do they have women’s beach handball in the Olympics?

I’m guessing Norwegian beaches are colder than other beaches?

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One of the alternates on the women’s artistic gymnastics team tested positive for Covid. Hopefully her teammates don’t catch it.

Just to be clear, artistic gymnastics is what is normally just called gymnastics, as opposed to rhythmic gymnastics.

Also disallowed an aide for a deaf & blind swimmer.

Meanwhile the Norwegian beach handball team was fined for their uniforms not being revealing Norwegian women's beach handball team fined for not playing in bikinis

[red] They probably should smile more too. [/red]


Huh; I think they should largely be allowed to compete in what they want, subject to any safety, fair play, and uniform requirements. (Like if the basketball team has to wear uniforms and Team USA opts for shorts but one of the players prefers a dress… too bad. But if the whole team wants to compete in uniform dresses then go for it.)

I recall a bunch of years ago the female beach volleyball players being upset that they were required to wear skimpy swimsuits as some of them preferred clothing that ended further from their crotches to avoid sand getting into that area. And I thought that was a reasonable gripe. I think it’s nice that they’ve changed it, particularly so that observant Muslims can compete. Probably affects observant Mormons too, but at the Olympics the Muslims are the larger group.

I’ve privately thought that a few athletes - usually female figure skaters - had a bit too much butt hanging out of their leotards. But I don’t think the rules need to address that. I just wish they’d cover up because it’s unattractive to see half a butt hanging out of clothing.

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Well, most sports do specify uniform requirements. Some get extremely picky with required measurements and required material. Currently, Women’s beach handball requires teams to wear skimpy bikini tops and bottoms. Sounds like they need to change the rules.

And observant LDS are allowed to remove their garments to participate in activities. Here are the instructions: “The garment should not be removed for activities that can reasonably be done while wearing the garment. It should not be modified to accommodate different styles of clothing.”

Enjoying that USWNT? Are they going to have problems like the Men’s basketball team?

I didn’t wake up early enough to see the first half, but both the starting lineups and the changes made at half confused me without the preceding game knowledge. Sweden was outright impressive in what I did see though. Their team defense was excellent, their through balls repeatedly had perfect pace, and the keeper made all her saves look astoundingly easy, particularly the one on Rapinoe when she just stuck her hand out and basically grabbed it out of the air (this wasn’t a great shot, but still…the reaction and timing was impressive).

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Are you talking about the special underwear? (I hear that referred to as “garments”, hence the clarifying question.)

I didn’t mean garments, specifically (although I didn’t know the part about removing them for specific activities). I meant general modesty standards such as having one’s shoulders and midriff covered. I remember seeing something about this a bunch of years ago in regards to the BYU cheerleaders.

But Googling BYU cheerleaders just now shows some pics of them in long sleeves and some in sleeveless tops, so perhaps the shoulder thing is relaxed? Their midriffs were covered in every pic that I looked at during my ~60 second search. That’s a little unusual for college cheerleaders these days, so I assume it’s still related to Mormon standards of modesty.

And FWIW, I think there’s nothing wrong with that at all. The cheerleaders looked beautiful and yes, even sexy, without showing quite as much skin as the counterparts from other schools.

Their skirts are probably a little longer than normal too, but still pretty short / showing quite a lot of leg.

I tend to agree that for the beach volleyball/gymnastics/track/figure skating the athletes themselves should be able to determine their own level of coverage. A lot of dress code rules are archaic when you see the differences between men and women in the same sport.

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Seems there are plenty of people who will pay to watch men play beach volleyball. There are even more people who will pay to watch women play beach volleyball IN BIKINIS. I assume the same probably goes for beach handball. It seems to almost always come down to money.

Yes, I was specifically talking about the special underwear we call Temple Garments.

As for the general modesty that LDS are taught that is a bit less restrictive even for the observant. Though at most church sponsored activities (which is when BYU comes into play), bikinis and speedos are highly discouraged.

What are you guys watching the Olympics on? Peacock? YouTube?

NBC or NBCSN. Anything on USA? (Yes, it seems.)
There is also “The Olympics Channel” owned by the NBC folks.
According to this link, CNBC and The Golf Channel will also be showing some Olympics.

How to watch the Olympics in USA

  • TV channels : NBC, USA, NBCSN, CNBC, Olympic Channel, Golf Channel
  • Live streams: Peacock,, NBC Sports App, fuboTV

I need to record, and watch at my own pace, and without commercials.

NBC Sports App on my TV, with parent’s cable login (we share Netflix and Disney+, they share cable login)

What’s the average age of US’s and Sweden’s teams?
Maybe the USWNT is getting long in the tooth, relying on old stars (who want their sweet, sweet National Team Money) instead of looking closely enough at the younger talent. Or, maybe that younger talent just isn’t there.