Sweetgreen gravy train

So I lost 11 pounds in 7 weeks by getting sweetgreen for lunch. Place seems to get a lot of business but apparently they lose money on every salad they sell.

Like I press a button, and then boom 15 minutes later a salad shows up on my desk. It’s good for my health and time. Bad for whoever got suckered into buying their IPO.

How long will this last?

never heard of it. ubereats is better

Uber loses money on everything they sell too

How long will they survive

forever. society can’t survive without uber

grats on getting skinny

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Uber Eats blows. They tried to charge me about $18 to bring me food from 1.5 miles away. Doordash and the rest aren’t any better, imo.

hey, if college kids can afford to uber eats, so can actuaries.

College kids can’t afford college.


“The answer is simple: volume.”



We should go for salads and Happy Hour the next time I’m in town. :+1: :green_salad: :beers:

You should be in a commercial. Like that Jared guy.

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I only order delivery food like once every 2 months. Almost always when I’m high and have a specific craving, or very occasionally if my partner and I are both wiped out by sickness or something.

I can’t justify $22+tip for a Chipotle burrito when we have food in the fridge.

Update: More like $18.50+tip, just checked.


  1. What were eating for lunch before you started this?
  2. What else are you eating/not eating in conjunction with this?

We have a Sweetgreen not too far away but I haven’t been there. I do frequently go to Chopt, which seems like a similar concept and is very close to my house. I like it a lot, and even ate there today. I’d say I get takeout there 2-4 times a month.

I almost never order delivery from anywhere though.

Sincere congrats on healthi-ifying yourself eating low fat veggies and assorted rabbit foods. I am envious.

They opened a sweetgreen in my general area. I have not been there. It seems quite pricey. By my calculation, if I am correct, you spend about $20 per day for a salad (delivered including tax, title and license fee), or $100 per week, or $700 total to lose 11 pounds. So you spent about $64 per pound to lose weight.

Is this legit?

It’s pricey. But I found out you don’t have to order a prebuilt. Nowadays you can DIY the food by buying the components separately and then assembling them by yourself, which is something I might try more often as you can see in my DIY food thread:

We don’t have those here but they are all over DC and I usually eat there at least once if I’m in that part of the country.

Half of the weight loss was in CS’s wallet, imo.