Sweetgreen gravy train

You actuarials and yer fancy dancy upscale salad restuarants!!!

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A meth habit would be both cheaper and more effective.

Nah. After you crash you binge eat way more.

Perhaps Mathman = John.S.Mill ?

I think you misspelled it. The correct way is C-h-i-p-o-t-l-e

You mean going to a grocery store?

I’m just flipping out at $100 a week for lunches. Call that $400 a month. That used to be a mortgage payment. Later on it was a car payment. Now it’s merely flurping lunch money.

That’s what i was thinking. If you know what you want, and you are willing to construct the meal yourself, what possible value does this food plan add?

$15-20 a day on making your own lunch?

So I’m supposed to hunt and scavenge in a grocery store like our primitive, savage ancestors???


sweet green isn’t exactly new. they have been around a while. if they aren’t profitable, why are they still around?

This thread is making me feel better about splurging on the pre-made salads at the grocery store that always seem to be on sale for $3.67.

Are you telling me people usually spend less than that :shiftyeyes:

Not gonna lie I was averaging about $30 a day in lunch prior to the salad thing.

The only food we ever get delivered is pizza or chinese. And only if it’s really shitty out.

Even during the pandemic, I’d just go pick it up.

Yes. I love grocery shopping! or, at least, food shopping. We go probably 4-5 times a week. And probably a dozen different stores during the month.

I made a pot of stuffed peppers soup Sunday. Had dinner Sunday and lunch Monday thru Wednesday. $17 of ingredients. Just over $4 a meal.

Today will probably be: 1/3 lb of ham, hoagie roll, a little lettuce, a little mustard. 1/4 lb of potato salad. less than $5/

I can make some Asian chicken drumsticks that last me a good 4~5 meals. Comes out to be pretty cheap because drumsticks are cheap.

Let’s take this to the ‘recipes’ thread. I don’t want to lose this deal.

I do chicken thighs. Bone-in are really cheap.

chicken thighs are where its at. cheap good meat.