Sweet 16 Salary Cap Game - 2024

Bringing this game back, one of my favorites.

You have $10 to purchase as many teams as you want… most points wins… you get 5 points plus their original seed value per win… so each UConn win is worth 6 and NC States’s wins will be worth 16 each, etc., etc. The cost per teams are…

$4 for UConn, Houston, UNC, Purdue
$3 for Iowa St, Marquette, Arizona, Tennessee
$2 for Creighton, Alabama, Duke, Illinois
$1 for SDSU, NC State, Clemson, Gonzaga

No limit to number of teams… you can go quality and take UConn (4), Houston (4) and Alabama (2) or you can go for quantity and take all four $1 teams ($4) and Creighton, Duke, and Illinois ($2 each).

Entries posted here by tip-off on Thursday.

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UConn, Purdue, NC State, Clemson

U Conn, AZ, Duke, Gonzaga

With a budget of $10, the limit is 7 teams.

SDSU, NC State, Clemson, Gonzaga, Duke, UNC

Iowa St, Marquette, Arizona, Gonzaga

Creighton, Duke, Illinois, SDSU, NC State, Clemson, Gonzaga

UConn, Purdue, Gonzaga, NC State

All eliminated teams are free, including Division 2 schools, high school teams, local rec leagues, and fantasy teams. Since you can create your own fantasy team, the only limit is your imagination.

In that case, please add the Space Jam team to my picks.

Jordan or LeBron?


UConn, Alabama, Duke, Gonzaga, NC State

Purdue, Duke, Alabama, Illinois, Yale, Princeton’s women’s team, Caitlin Clark’s left big toe, and Charles Barkley’s hair.


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I’m gonna struggle with my scorekeeping spreadsheet

We really do have correlated picks… but you got here first, now I gotta change mine

UConn, Arizona, Tennessee

UConn, Arizona, Creighton, NC State

Houston, Arizona, Illini, Gonzaga