Survivor Fantasy Football - Historical records

This thread is to store the information for Survivor Fantasy Football in an easy-to-find format.

Details of specific years to can be found in the year-specific threads (where available).

Intro to the 2020 game:

My apologies - another late announcement again this year, but at least I let you know before the holiday weekend it was coming anyways, right? :tup:

[spoiler]Okay what I’m really feeling:
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It wouldn’t be the NFL on the AO without it, so with out further ado…

Returning for its [color=blue]TWENTIETH[/color] year, and more popular than ever:

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[spoiler]Seriously, this will be 20 years?
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[spoiler]But it’s only because of y’all coming along for the ride, be it for the whole stretch or just in recent years… so thank you!! It’s been a lot of fun! :tup: :tup:

Welcome to Survivor Fantasy Football 2020!

We’re in our twentieth season of playing this game, and it draws a lot of attention, so c’mon down and join the fun!

The rules are fairly straight forward:

Each week you will select 1 QB, 1 RB, and 1 WR/TE.
You get 1 pt per yard rushing or receiving.
You get 1 pt per 2 yards passing (no half-points)
You get 30 pts for throwing a TD, 60 pts for scoring one (via rush or reception; no returns)

Add up everyone’s score, and the person with the lowest weekly score is booted, and the highest score will get a Booster (Booster rules explained below). If more than one person is to be booted in a given week, it will be announced at the beginning of that week. We will only boot one person in Week 1.

Last person standing gets the fame and fortune associated with winning the most popular Actuarial Outpost sports game!

There are only two other rules when making your picks:

(1) You may not repeat any player in the season.
(2) For a given week, you may not repeat another entrant’s triplet.

Once you have a Booster, it can be played actively or passively:

Active: If you say that you are using it in a given week when you declare your picks, the Booster will be worth 100 points.
[size=1]…[/size]Note: You must declare that you are using your booster when you submit your picks.

Passive: If the person in last place has a Booster, the Booster will be applied passively, but it will only be worth 50 points.
[size=1]…[/size]After the first Booster is applied, the process will be repeated until the person in last place has no boosters left.

So do you play Aaron Rodgers right away, or do you hold on to him until he gets a real favorable matchup? If you hold him, you may not make it!!

What happens if there is a tie for last place in any given week?
ALL folks with the lowest score will be booted! (I don’t wanna deal with any tie-breaker stuff.)

What if there’s a tie for first place?
NO Booster will be awarded. (Ya gotta win it outright!)

What happens if I repeat someone’s triplet?
If you repeat someone’s triplet, you are stuck with in and you will lose the middle score of your triplet. EXCEPTION: If you post your triplet, and then discover that someone has just posted the same triplet in the past 5 minutes, you can immediately (i.e. w/in 5 minutes) make a new post and change your triplet by one player in order to be legal without penalty.

Post your triplet in this thread. You may not choose the same triplet as someone else for the same week. You may only submit your selection once, so please do not edit your post. If you edit your post, you will be booted from the game! [color=blue]All picks are due by Friday at 5 pm Central Time.[/color] You may not choose a player who has already started a game (i.e. no picking Thursday players if you submit your triplet on a Friday). I will try to post the “official” submissions each week sometime late Friday afternoon.

Note: The commissioner reserves the right to allow late picks (with possible penalties) as long as they are before the first kickoff. That being said, don’t count on the commissioner being benevolent at all times! The commissioner’s rulings are final in all cases. If your picks are in before I post the summary Friday afternoon/evening, you’re safe.

[color=blue]Week 1 exception: You have until 11 a.m. CDT Sunday to post your picks. You may not use players from the Thursday night game (HOU @ KC) at all this week.[/color]

Last year we had 37 people play, so we were easily able to take this to the end of the season - let’s see if we can break that this year!

Let me know if I’ve missed something, or if you have any questions.

Etched on the Virtual Survivor Fantasy Football Trophy so far (will you be next?):

The Winners
2001: Kid Rock (Runner-up: Ducky)
2002: Ducky (Runner-up: Big D)
2003: StoneGroove (Runner-up: Ultimate Anyone?)
2004: TP (Runner-up: Kid Rock)
2005: Bill Walton(Hippie Years) (Runner-up: ian grey)
2006: Ultimate Anyone? (Runner-up: shadyridr)
2007: shadyridr (Runner-up: Halfmoon)
2008: harvma (Runner-up: StoneGroove)
2009: CaptainDingo (Runners-up: Cynical Realist, ReserveRage)
2010: uoflcard (Runner-up: yankeetripper)
2011: harvma (Runners-up: OddSox, Patience)
2012: InSpades (Runners-up: SirVLCIV, Patience)
2013: rekrap (Runners-up: Ray Finkle, Arthur Itas)
2014: OddSox (Runners-up: rekrap, keyser soze)
2015: yankeetripper (Runners-up: accobra_kid, abwoc)
2016: ImPrettyDumb (Runners-up: MayanActuary, uoflcard)
2017: CaptainDingo (Runners-up: Whiskey, Kid Rock, OddSox)
2018: ShivamS (Runners-up: Ray Finkle, Funemployed)
2019: Arthur Itas (Runners-up: Ray Finkle, ReserveRage, Funemployed, silentassassin)
2020: YankeeTripper (Runners-up: KidRock, IPD, CaptainDingo)

For those who’d like to see the details to the games from the past years simply click on the year on the left.