2020 Survivor Fantasy Football - Backup location

Here’s a placeholder for those who cannot get into the AO, or if we need to move the game somewhere else to finish out the season.

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I’ll continue to post on the AO for this game until it dies or you fully move it to a new location

I think we’re all hoping to finish on the AO! :slight_smile:

Couldn’t post on 204IP this afternoon so posting week 7 triple here

Week 7
QB J Allen (BUF)
RB J Conner (PIT)
WR R Anderson (CAR)

Hope it’s not an overlap either

I guess the AO is done for :frowning:

Is there a way I can get a list of the players I’ve already selected this season, or is that going to be part of the challenge?

I have this same issue.

I’m pretty sure I remember the triplet I posted earlier today. I definitely remember the rb and WR, and am pretty sure this is the QB I took:

G Bernard

I don’t have access to my old picks, so hopefully I’m not picking someone I’ve already taken… also no clue of other triplets posted on AO.

Week 7
Mike Davis
Julio Jones

(I don’t think I’ve taken Mike Davis, but if I have I’d swap for Aaron Jones)

Well, I was not paying attention this week, so I don’t have anyone’s Week 7 picks. :frowning:

I will treat Week 7 as another BYE week, and use this weekend to post everyone’s picks to date.

Make sure to bring over both of my boosters.

For posterity, and I get to save them, I had Watson, Conner, Fuller for the week.

[tried spoiler and could not get it to work, maybe not possible or someone else will have to post one]

I am here and ready to rock next week

I’m here and ready to party!

Finally remembered my password for this site, guess DWS finally pulled the plug on the life support. I can’t recall my wk7 picks but think they might have been Stanford, Kamara, Ridley. But guess we have a wk 7 bye now.

depends how many of us are missing. pretty sure all knew to come here after the funeral.

Is outpost down for good?


Do I need to repost my picks that I made last week?

What happened? The IP address link worked last week.

In the spirit of survivor, this year’s winner will have taken on not only the players but outside obstacles. First, the front door to posting closed, then the back door. It’s a demonstration of determination to find a way to win.

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I’m just waiting to find out if this week counts

UA hadn’t captured early picks before the back door closed, so he announced above that this will be another bye week.

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