Supreme court overturns Roe v. Wade

Well my take on that was Bring.It.On.

Ohio has migrated from purple to magenta but they’re still left of Kansas. If Kansas can get 59%, surely Ohio could get 60% if they needed to. And that would have made it near impossible to ever repeal. You’ll never get 60% statewide on an anti-abortion measure.

But I understand there were other objectionable portions of the bill besides raising the threshold to amend the Constitution to 60% so it’s probably just as well that it didn’t pass even though their constitution is currently too easy to amend.

(In point of fact I think abortion rights passed in Ohio by less than 60%. But only 50% was needed so there was no big push to get to 60%.)

The big moment for me was Kentucky. Kansas… we are largely republican but we are the Free State and there’s still a lot of that ‘live and let live’ sentiment here. Don’t get me wrong, lots of MAGA folks, but we aren’t the deep south.

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The draconian ban on reproductive healthcare in Indiana is currently stayed for people with religion objections, such as Jews who do not believe in the personhood of a fetus and value the life of the living person over a fetus. The court case came from a religious freedom bill that was championed by Mike Pence, clearly intended to have been a pro-Christian theocratic law.

The IN Supreme Court can still overturn it. In a rational world I don’t see how they’d enforce religious freedom only for Christians, but I have no context for the IN Supreme Court. For all I know they’re so partisan that they’ll rule that anybody aborting a baby violates the religious freedom of all Christians.

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I was debating whether to put this in the election thread, or to possibly start a “campaign commercials” thread. I’ll defer to the moderators’ judgment.

The Biden campaign has an abortion-themed commercial.

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I’m fully expecting for Republicans on Fox, etc. to say that Biden is exploiting women and it’s disgusting and inappropriate to use sob stories like this.

Republicans are focused on saving babies because God, and Biden wants to pretend like this is happening to millions of women by dragging out the one or two edge cases where the law just needs to be revised.

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No no, Republicans aren’t okay with kids being killed. It’s just that the solution to not kill kids isn’t controlling the guns in any way. Everybody should have a gun, unless they’re a felon or an immigrant or anything darker than Caucasian.

If kids are getting killed, it’s because we needed to harden the schools. And arm the teachers. And have police officers in the school. And do active shooter drills. Metal detectors. Bulletproof backpacks. Teach your children how to cover themselves in the blood of the dead to play dead themselves.

And have more good guys with guns in general. But not at any Republican fundraiser, the rules are different there.


I hate this world.


Arizona welcomes all into the 19th Century!

I’m heartened by the number of states with abortion on the ballot.

I truly think between abortion and cannabis, FL has a small chance of going for Biden. Arizona is already in play with Biden winning a razor-thin 2020 majority (if you believe in reality at least.)

If I’m not mistaken, no state thus far when put to a referendum has voted for an abortion ban. And it’s a galvanizer for voting.

If abortion is on the ballot in Arizona in November that surely helps Biden, no?

Absolutely. Also Kari Lake being the (R) running for Senate should indirectly help Biden as she seems like a batshit crazy loon who as already lost one statewide election to a Democrat but I think she’d need to win the primary first.

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Latest poll:

I assume that for a primary, a plurality is sufficient to win?

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I MAGA’d your post

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Yet she apparently leads in polls already.

She is crazy

I’m guessing the vast majority of the “fertilized eggs are babies” crowd fully support bombing a Gazan IVF facility