Super Bowl commercials I like

I’m going to keep a running list of Super Bowl commercials I like. Feel free to add yours.

…especially the “man-splaining” & “Karen” lines.


Wife got a kick out of the GM Norway commercial because it mentioned Finland :finland:.

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…was likeable-enough.

Nothing flooring me yet.

Wish I could watch. Working until 3:00 AM.

Here’s the reddit 5 second ad icymi:


btw, my numbers for the rocket mortgage sb squares are KC 0, TB 8. :man_shrugging:

Since there doesn’t seem to be any other SB chatter going on, I"ll post this here:

My most un-favorite part about the SB is the post game mass of camera-people on the field. I just find it uncomfortable and pointless. I wonder what’s going to happen this year with the covid and all.

We are about to start playing games now, so I’m all meh about postgame.

I need to buy a Jeep. For what I don’t know.

board games? with friends?

because we need to come together as a nation and buy jeeps

Did Romo really say that “Brady did it the right way?”

This time, he didn’t deflate the balls.

That we know of.


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My favorite commercials were the Will Ferrell one and the almost sure mortgage app one.

Game itself was good for the first 1.5 quarters and then :yawning_face:

I liked the T-Mobile commercial with Blake & Gwen. That was funny, IMO.

I also liked Will Ferrell’s Norway and #FlatMatthew.

The crazy thing is they’re allowed to deflate the balls, within some allowance. I learned more than I ever thought I’d want to know about how much a quarterback is allowed to manipulate the ball he uses after that whole thing.

If only pitchers, etc. were so fortunate!

man that Toyota commercial pulled a few heart strings