Super Bowl commercials I like

Will Ferrell was my fave as well. I also liked the Rocket Mortgage ads, even though I find the company to be freakin’ annoying. When I went for a mortgage refinance, they were outbid by another reputable vendor both on rate and closing costs. When I mentioned that in an e-mail to the sales guy, they kept trying to call me, to the point that I decided to block their number.

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Thank you; I balked at that comment too.

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I thought the M&Ms commercial was the best, especially where the guy tried to man-splain mansplaining.

Hubby thought the Gwen/Blake commercial was hilarious.

I thought FlatMatthew was just plain weird. Eat Doritos if you want to be thick… I mean it’s accurate, but probably not really the message Doritos was going for.

yea, i didn’t care that much for the Doritos commercial either. at the end, Matthew being too cheap to buy a bag and climbing in. then being too stupid to wait until he got back out to eat them just pissed me off for some reason.

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It pissed me off because I knew exactly what was going to happen when they had him crawl in there. :angry:

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yea, that was definitely it. i honestly don’t know why i put “for some reason” on the end of that.

This is one of my favorites from Sunday’s Super Bowl.


When I hear that hold music, I try to sing the words for U2’s New Year’s Day with it.

I like the old guy dancing in the TurboTax ad because that’s how I dance. He’s a bit better than me.

I liked the new electric Ram truck ad playing off all the ED commercials


I was a little confused by one of the beer commercials until I found this explanation on the internet:

Miller Lite and Coors Light battling it out in the ad, which in turn becomes a promotion for beer brand Blue Moon, all owned by Molson Coors Beverage

I didn’t realized Miller and Coors were in the same family now, and thought Blue Moon was independent.

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Probably on purpose, but it has never been an independent.

Craft beer[edit]

In 2012, Blue Moon had come under fire from the Brewers Association for not stating on the bottle that the beer is made by MillerCoors. The Brewers Association says that this omission allows the Blue Moon Brewing Company to masquerade as an independent craft brewer.[6] Some other independent craft brewers agreed with the assessment.[7] In May 2015, a California man filed suit against MillerCoors for the “Craft Beer” labeling;[8] however, the lawsuit was dismissed by a judge in October.[9]

Blue Moon is my default if there are no craft beers on tap. I like it mainly because I get a free orange slice out of the deal.

My favourite adverts were the Michelob Ultra Caddy Shack, M&M clams, and Doritos triangles. Also liked the Pepsi ads - my BIL worked on the set for those spots.


That does help explain why “95%” of the ad was talking about a (two to be precise) different brand (s to be precise).

My default is to pass if no craft beers to my liking, look for the Irish Whiskey selection.

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Seems like the Tubi ad was quite the thing.


When it first started I wondered what was going on but then it went to Tubi which I don’t have so then I knew it was a commercial and didn’t worry about it. I can imagine there were some with Tubi that could have thought someone was doing something, but it was a timing bit where it wouldn’t have mattered, they could have gotten back to the game before they missed something.

But this check does admit that she knows her now ex-boyfriend has anger issues so she is probably right in getting out.


Good ad for next year - “Tubi saved me from marrying an ax murderer.”


If true, I think she sidestepped a land mine. Anger issues are not something to sweep under the rug.


I’d forgotten about that. My wife turned to me that she thought I was on the remote and then I turned to the side table to discover it was there and we both proceeded to be creeped out a bit till it was clear it was a commercial. Felt like someone hacked our TV.

Left many viewers asking the question, “Tubi or not Tubi?”