There is a tournament on (Haru Bassho, aka spring tournament) in Osaka now – can follow the daily bouts on NHK World, Jason’s All Sumo Channel, or as I do, on Natto Sumo:

Makuuchi matches are the top division, Juryo is the next division down which is also worth watching to see who the up-and-comers are, and Makushita is really only for the hardcore fans because that’s pretty low down in ranking.

I mainly focus on Makuuchi, watching all of the matches (yesterday’s bouts were very weird – lots of kimarite, winning moves, I had not seen before) and for Juryo I tend to watch only a couple of the matches involving wrestlers I’m into, like Enho.

In Makuuchi this time, there are three kadoban Oseki, which means that if they lose more than win, they are going to lose their rank. Shodai is definitely going to lose, I think. The other two… not sure. They seem to be fighting for it, but Shodai has been half-assing it.

little guy v big guy

the preview shot kind of gives away how it ends

yes, the big guy usually wins


Second, this guy just won the tournament:

Dude is just scant of 6 feet tall and not even 300 pounds. He is small for a sumo wrestler.


Congrats to Sekiwake Wakatakakage!

Here was the playoff match – he was up against Takayasu, who is about two inches taller and 100 pounds heavier than Wakatakakage

did a post on it:

To remind myself of the March tourney:

It was very exciting.

And poor, poor Ura. Dammit.

Ah, the new sumo star, sekiwake Wakatakakage!

NATSU BASHO POSTER! (8 May for next tournament)

Happy birthday, Chiyomaru!

Giant killers!

I watched this program this weekend, which was how much smaller wrestlers are able to perform in the highest ranks.

Just grabbing the link, because they did get some stats…

Sumo is back on! Tournament started today!

(nothing much exciting to report yet, other than loads of upsets today)

ways to watch:

my fave way to watch:

Generally, I watch Makuuchi, and then juryo if I have time

Another tournament in the bag, and the results kept us guessing til the end… though I didn’t like how they kinda fixed the result for the last day. When I saw who they had up against Terunofuji, I said “COME ON”. It was obvious the fix was in…

…though, actually, it could have gone another way on the three other matches which could have forced a play-off. So it was really on the other guys for losing their matches.

Anyway congrats to the yokozuna for winning (again).

and here’s the henka report

report from here:

I’ve started watching Juryo, at least the last few days. Trying to see the up-and-comers as well as the guys on their way down.

SumoSumoSumo is my fave facbook sumo group:

r/SumoMemes on reddit


a sumo bouquet

sumo inspiration


the July tournament starts July 10

in related news, my Sumo & Interest Rates article should be coming out soon
watch this space:

1 week til sumo!

Sumo starts tomorrow –

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