Subway, Arby's to merge into amazingly gross sandwich company

Oh, apparently they already updated the map, even though the acquisition was only announced a few days ago.

It also explains the weird part of the press release. After 2 paragraphs on the acquisition it suddenly has a paragraph about donations to Des Moines schools “In appreciation of Maverik’s Des Moines based team and the local community”, with no other context.

It was primarily an Iowa chain historically, not something that started with the acquisition

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Yeah, I think by “Maverik’s Des Moines based team”, they mean K&G.

So Kum was Krause and Go was Gentle?

Seems like they didn’t want to swallow the costs.

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Its a good thing nothing happened during due diligence to gum up the works with the merger

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That would blow the whole process.

Are they going to merge with that Chicken sandwich place? Fil-a-she-oh?

People are saying they are expanding into Florida, and adding a snorkeling section due to local demand.


I would argue this isn’t a tangent, as we are still in the amazingly gross sandwich company territory

Now about that horsey sauce…

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I finally downloaded this because I was ordering several bags of ice and didn’t want to deal with the drive thru. Got a free Big Mac.

In my neck of the woods McD’s seems to perpetually offer 20% off if you order in the app.

TIL you could get bags of ice at McD’s. I doubt I’ll use it much as there are plenty of closer spots, but good to know.

When I was in college the cheapest spot to buy cups was from Hardees. Almost every keg party there for years featured Hardees cups.

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It’s $1.79 for an 8 pound bag so cheaper than the grocery store and in the same shopping area.

8 pounds of ice? Wow.

Sonic ice FTW.

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Kum & Go is IA based in my memory. some get up to MN too. my town has a gas station/conv store called Pump & Munch. The setting matters if you take that as the proper order of business.

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I’ve been to a Kum & Go on a road trip but I don’t recall where.

Not much hearts for our quips. Sad!

Especially for a seminal moment in the history of Maverick!